Some Help Please?

Hi LondonBikers,

I have been lurking on the board for a while but this is my first post. I was wondering if anyone could provide me with the benefit of their experience and help me out with this one.

I am starting work on Bunhill Row in the City in September, and other than one parking bay outside the College of Law building, I couldn’t find any other parking areas on the street or surrounding streets. I can imagine it gets rammed packed around here like most of the City parking bays and that I will be hard pushed to find a space if I arrive after 8.30am. Is this the case?

Does anyone have any knowledge of parking in the area?

Any secret parking places most people miss in the area, which you care to share with me (obviously I won’t take your space )?

Your help would be much appreciated.



I know it well

Pm Sent.

If you not sure where you can park your bike then why not to buy “London Bike Guide”. it’s only Ł7.99. You will find all bike bays and details about where to park you bike without being charged.