Some Free Friday Afternoon Fun - Bait A Real Live Motorbike Scammer :-)

i placed a 2969.69 bid, & am the high bidder at 2550.00 :slight_smile:

i am very tempted to bid 7 k :laugh:

go on then Shane, i’ll out bid your ass :smiley:

woop highest bidder :slight_smile:

My guess is it’s a genuine sale and he just wants to sell it for its market value to a genuine bidder…

Good detective work Rudi! I’m just behind you Martin on your bid of £2969.69!

Last note guy sent me all the other pictures exactly the same as in the ad you highlighted, still ignored all my other questions …Scamola!!!

I’ll report him too - but I bet Ebay doesn’t react quick enough…

Just noticed his payment instructions…

Payment details
Payment method
Other - See seller’s payment instructions

I bet it’s other … Western Union? - The ShitScammers Favourite?

Welcome to my world :smiley:

Just discovered a fake company that had put in around £10k worth of invoices to my company over the past months. I even checked it out with the legal bods who confirmed it was never registered and the name and details were fake. I sent my guys to check and the addresses on the invoices were houses in two cases, one address didn’t exist.

Then I went back and looked at the history and discovered they had been used for 5 years, and one previous staff member put in three consecutive numbered receipts, over a two year period. He got the order wrong too which was quite amusing.

I also interviewed the alleged supplier (who had brochures and all sorts) though he turned up with all hit bits in a carrier bag. Still reckon he cleared us for £25k over the years.

Nice work if you can get it :smiley:

Hey Lagos! Can’t beat it!

We organised a customer event there a few years ago - the owner of the event company that helped organised it… stole a smartphone from one of our best customers!!! The head honcho of our of our suppliers that we had paid about £10,000 to already…:D:crazy:

… Only in Lagos,:hehe:

He’s bitten!

He has written…

OK we have a deal for £3600 incl delivery. To end our transaction I will contact eBay to setup a protected transaction . They will contact you in the next hours , please let me know after you receive the email from them.

**** scammer! Guess what the “protected transaction” is???

A fake email from ebay asking for a £3600 transaction via Western Union of course!

This is where you explain to him that you have the £3600 as a banker’s draft, but not a penny more, and Western Union need a Transaction fee – so if he sends you £40, you can send the full £3600.

Do it haha, will be great if you can scam a scammer!

Good one! :smiley:

He sent me a phony ebay invoice saying I had to do a bank transfer to

Seller’s name:

Ian Cox

Seller’s bank details:
Barclays bank
Sort code: 20-29-41
Account number: 63839850

I’ll try the £40 scam…

I sent him this ps Vanin Bank Remmacs - Remmacs = scammer backwards… so childish

Hi Ian,

I have received the notification and am about to transfer money to your Barclays account but since I have Isle of Man bank account not an english one. ( Vanin Bank Remmacs ) they want an extra £40 to cover the transaction .

As I have no more cash at all in my account can you immediately transfer £40 to my bank details below - I can not be expected to pay another £40 because you do not want to use Paypal!?

I’m sure you understand and will transfer immediately - can’t wait to see the bike!

This is urgent and holding up the sale.

My Bank details…

Eric Nargs

Vanin Bank Remmacs

Sort code: 16-04-27

Account number: 20673569

Please let me know as soon as you have done this,


If you want some advice on this kind of thing by the way, you could do worse than visiting

Enjoy :wink:


So tempting to setup some direct debits from his account for some charity donations…

After my last email I got this…

Hi Eric,
I understand you, it is not a problem. You can transfer only £3560 from the total agreed price of £3600 to pay the £40 bank transfer fee.Thanks for your time,Ian

Must admit I’m bored with it now - but you can carry on if you like.

i’m the high bidder now at 3300, i’ll outbid myself later with my 2nd account, push it up to around 4k :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok I sent him one last email and I don’t think I will hear from ‘Ian’ again…ps his IP address routes from Nigeria - Surprise!!

Hi Ian,

thanks for that I appreciate it.

Now got another problem - started to transfer the money and Barclays rejected it!

I phoned them up and they said that it had been flagged as a ‘Frozen Account Under Inspection’ or FAUI…?

Don’t know what to do now - I want the bike by Monday at the latest because it is a Birthday present. Two suggestions,

  1. Set up a paypal account now! see and I will transfer.OR
  2. I will travel up to Glasgow on Monday and give you the cash when I collect the bike.

Please give me the Glasgow address and your phone number - I have a relative who lives in Coatbridge so he can be at the address by 09.00 tomorrow morning to inspect the bike before sale.

I’m sorry but I am looking at another bike and unless we can settle this by tonight I’m afraid the deals off.


At least he’ll be pissed off and on the Skype to his mate in the UK giving him a bollocking for effing up the fake Barclays account - of course hecan’t check it out until Monday morning at the earliest and is scam auction ends tomorrow :slight_smile:

Right! Now I really am bored - off out on the piss this evening - and I hope you are too! (won’t be inviting ‘Ian’ though )

Atlease you tried, anyone up for pushing the auction price right up to stupid amounts like hundreds of thousands?

Either way im going to bid to win tomorow and just not pay so he can’t rip off someone who doesn’t realise its a scam.

Martin, Rudi - Good on yah! :slight_smile:

I’ll prolly have a go myself tomorrow…