some bad news

hey guys some of you already may know what the bad news is but those who dont i was in an low speed RTC sunday morning at 2am where i approached the cross roads of pinner green and uxbridge road junction with elm park road in pinner harrow. i was indicating right to turn on the elm park road and the vehicle on the opposite side was indicating left to turn into elm park road. The lights changed green and the black Audi on the opposite side turned left but went really wide and then i followed afterwards. I saw the driver go really wide on to the opposite incoming vehicle lane and then he corrected himself which i thought was abnormal so i held back incase. The vehicle indicated left and appeared to be puling up on the road side so i presumed he was parking up so i attempted to go around him and suddenly he did a you turn in front of me without correct indication and i ended up t-boning the vehicle on the driver side of the vehicle causing me to come off. i was doing between 10- 15mph so i only has cosmetic damage on the scooter and thick white smoke started coming out of my exhaust. i road my bike home and the next day i opened my air box up and all my engine oil was in my air box contaminating my air filter in thick engine oil and my air box is greasy with my engine oil. i have currently made an insurance claim and i have legal cover so i have solicitors working for me so i am gonna be off the road, tomorrow i will be going to the piaggio dealer to get a quote of any cosmetic and mechanical damage my scooter might have. i have a bruised middle finger on right hand and my ring finger on my right hand is bruised, got small swelling on my left forearm and my neck and back is abit stiff.

Bruised middle finger? You shouldn’t have held that one up when he moved in front of you! :smiley: But yeah good thing that you’re ok hopefully the scooter will be fine soon too.

sorry to hear that, at least it wasn’t too bad.

did it break your enter key as well?


cheers mate jut gotta fill in loads of forms now :frowning:

Sorry to hear, hope you get well soon :frowning:

sorry to hear, but glad you are relatively ok. gws

sorry to hear about this mate but maybe it was for the best XD maybe its upgrade time =]

Oops… GWS !!

poor Kish…never trust anyone thats rule no.1. hope the insurance works well for you :slight_smile:

all the best Kish, sounds you got off lightly though.

i came off the PCX125 i had a lot worse early in the year. buggered the right hand side of the bike, damaged my jacket, had bruising and cuts on my legs and shoulder, was concussed for about 10-15mins, couldnt see out my right eye for a few seconds when i came to (scary). my bike also had oil in the air filter.

not as bad as when i crashed a quad bike though, was a right mess

Sorry to hear your news Kishan, don’t envy you filling out forms with bruised fingers! Hope everthing is resolved quickly and that you feel better soon.

I bumped into this nurse this morning and she say’s

Glad you are not injured…much more important than the scoot’s condition.

Live and learn fella you got back up and rode home it’s not too bad :slight_smile:

GWS, at that time in the morning could have been a lot worse,

thanks everyone :slight_smile:

Unlucky fella,

Remember to say in your statement (if it goes to insurance companies that is) that you were in your lane when you were going past the car, if they think that you were on the opposite side of the road then it could end up being a 50/50 case rather than something in your favour.

Only speaking from a 16 year ago experience, but might be useful :slight_smile:

glad you are okay fella. you walked away from it so all is good.

Sorry to hear this, but at least you have learnt that they really are out to get you:w00t:

Hope the aches clear up soon.