Some amazing pictures from Dakar Rally

Some amazing photos from this years Dakar Rally!

One day u will see my name :smiley: If i can get my ass moving and start training :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope one day you get your dream Ally, I’m just reading Charley Boorman’s, Race to Dakar and the although the images are very dramatic reading a first hand account from Charley and his team mates just makes you realise what an incredible and scary event it really is, especially for the bikers who enter! Mental strength, the will to keep going and to never give in seems to be the one key factor that all the finishers have over everything else… :pinch:

I’d love to read more about it now, and maybe to one day witness the event first hand, not as a competitor but just a spectator in the pit/bivouac areas, that would be an amazing experience in itself. :w00t:

Wow, amazing photos. Extreme respect to anyone managing the Dakar!!

Love this photo:

Stunning pictures!

Great images :cool:


2nd one looks like my commute this morning… :wink: