SOLID Lens covers

Does anyone have a solid lens cover like mine or Tokyo Joe’s I would like to know how you stop the heat/power of the light from melting/bend/warping the solid lens cover?


Got it sorted thanks to Tokyo Joe, the problem was self inflicted I was in such a hurry to see how good it looked I used double sided masking tape to see how it would looked which kept the lens cover to close to the light, when you use the 3M velcro provided it creates a 5mm air gap which gets rid of a lot of the heat, no i just need to sand off the bubbled paint and get it resprayed

Thanks LB oh it was a Skidmarks cover and after a 10 minute test with out the bike moving and getting the extra air from riding the paint has not bubbled even a little, it still gets mad hot but cools down in know time at all