Sold my Hornet, sad times

So I got rid of my Hornet finally, was an awesome bike and the can on it was unbelievable but I haven’t really used it. Sold it to a Lithuanian guy through some really shady delivery company :smiley: Which was fun, but hopefully he will receive it in one piece and enjoy it as much as I did. Now I have to get the smiley vinyl and put it onto the Sprinter!
It’s sad to see a bike go but it’s onto better and bigger things. And next season the ZZR1400! Yeah!

As long as it’s green George!!

I wasn’t too sad to see my old 500 go. I knew that the next thing to wear out wasn’t going to be my problem. I miss the exhaust spitting flames though.

Yeah, that’s the thing I miss, the sound. Other than that, the seat is so flat when you accelerate you basically slide off :smiley: But the SOUND!

And another used bike leaves the UK. Iki pasimatymo

Did he pay through some dodgy transfer as well and overpay so you could deal with payment to the delivery company?

Ally You trying to match make Kermit? :hehe:

:frowning: you will miss that bike dude, love my little hornet its gets thrashed without mercy everyday…still go’s :smiley:

haha, yeah might one day get something like that again. Sounds like you’re having some problems with yours atm?