Sold my bike outside of the uk now what?

Well the gsxr has been paid for in full and the buyer wants the bike shipped to Bulgaria.

What do I do now with the log book?

read the back of your v5 information point 11

Some useful advice on this forum, especially this bit, albeit it’s not about Bulgaria:

"I just sold my Jag to a guy from Finland. I rang DVLA first to find out what paperwork to complete etc.

DVLA said- Just send them a letter saying sold to foreign resident who is permanently exporting vehicle abroad !
( I was surprised it was as simple as that !)
AND… complete the transfer of ownership section (as for normal UK sale) & give main part of V5 to buyer. He probably needs that to register car in Germany (the Finland guy certainly needed it)
ALSO… Germany may recognise the MoT certificate (Finland does) so he may need that too (if applicable to your bike)

p.s. I also got the buyer to sign a form of contract/sale note to say he was exporting car also & I kept a copy-might be advisable to cover your back."

That dates back to 2009 so best bet I think is to ring DVLA and ask if this advice still applies.

Ringing bells here… How was it paid for and have you ever actually met the buyer?

over paid with bankers draft & you send bike & “change” back to him ? :ermm:

Totally above bored paid by his sister who is a uk resident the cleared funds are in my account and will draw the cash today so don’t panic mr mannering!!!

I did the same Barry to a sound Polish guy who picked up with cash. I also did a letter that he signed in case he did any bank jobs or gatsos before DVLA got my slip.

How much is it costing to ship it? I would just phone the dvla and get the most up to date info in case its changed.

Havnt got a clue I said they have to deal With the shipping.

I’ll get a letter written up to cover my butt.

The dvla website is rubbish for this as nothing is stated for sale so a call will be needed to clear it up.

Whenever I sell any sort of vehicle I always print out a sales note/receipt and get them to sign it with the date and TIME of sale. That way you know you should be safe as soon as they take it away.
As for selling to someone overseas, I agree, check with the DVLA to make sure - if only for no other reason than to save any hassle later.

I’ve used this receipt template before:

^ top man

Lucky I use to sell bikes so I’m clued up with the receipts and letters :slight_smile:

I sold the Buell to a German guy (he collected the bike and took it straight to Germany), I filled out the purple export section of the V5 and I sent them a covering letter informing of the sale and the new owners details. That does 2 things:

You are no longer the owner or keeper and therefore not responsible for the motorcycle anymoreYou have told them the motorcycle is no longer in the UKThis is the advice I was given over the phone by the DVLA and worked for me. I received a confirmation letter acknowledging the sale and export.

Sweeeet the bike is leaving my hands tonight and being shipped on Sunday

hope it goes ok m8.

cant believe you have sold the gixxer already… you havnt even crashed it yet! :smiley:

Tell me about it two sets of tyres were the only things on it I trashed in 4 months :slight_smile:

have you tried to get the cash out of the bank yet ?

On my way now as im want it in hand before I sign it over

Just make sure there is no way they can get it back mate , some kind of reverse transaction or denying the transfer etc like it came from someone else’s account.

Fingers crossed for ya Baz