SOLD: bargain two pairs of motorbike boots, size 8/42


Now sold elsewhere

Anyone just starting out on the motorbiking journey will probably know how easy it is to overbuy in terms of gear. I’ve done just that, but as you’ll see below my loss is going to be someone else’s gain :grimacing: For sale, then, are two pairs of Alpinestars motorbike boots, both in size 8/42 and both very lightly used.

First up is a pair of Alpinestars SMX1-R boots, fully waterproof and with toe sliders, and in unmarked condition (bought in December and worn for not very long in rotation with too many others!). I paid marginally over £142 delivered for them, but Sportsbikeshop (from whom I bought them) are now selling them for £110 here.

Second up is a pair of lighter weight Alpinestars Faster-2 Vented boots, again in fantastic condition (used as above) save for a tiny scuff on one ankle that you can see in the photo. I paid £114 for them, but Sportsbikeshop (again, from whom I bought them) are now selling them for £90 here.

So, having paid a total of £256 for them not long ago and then having worn them lightly, I’m now asking just £100 SOLD for the two pairs. I may split them for marginally more individually, but together they offer an all-year solution for your biking tootsies and are an absolute bargain.

Will be sent tracked via ParcelForce 48.


Wow, you really did get carried away eh? :slight_smile:

Very nice boots. A steal for someone!


Story of my life. I’ve even done it with wives.


and are your ex-wives happy to be sold on forum boards?


Knowing them as I do, I imagine so :thinking:


Boots now sold, will be listing the exes shortly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: