Soho Today

No smilie for “bloody freezin” so a smiler’ll do.

Brother came down for the weekend so today we went into town so he could see the sights on a bike - only been riding a month or so but still coped with London traffic, the ring road by KX being a special kinda hell. Oh, and the small matter of having a scooter run into him. No damage to the trumpet, badly cracked front fairing to scooter. And I expanded his dictionary of expletives I think :wink:

Many thanks to ChrisDee, “diamond geezer” for showing us the route from Frith to Westminster via God knows where (Pall Mall / St James all closed off) and along south bank to Tower bridge and back up to KX.

Steve is now on the M1, hopefully nearly home, so spare him a warming thought you lot, sitting like me in a cosy room.





Great day for it Didn’t manage to get out though

Make sure you wash the salt off though!

Indeed MM, I have that delight to look forward to after Top Gear.


Weather was actually quite pleasant (though the layers of course) from 12 'till 2. Almost mild.

But I’ll not be doing much more of this madness me thinks. Call me a wuss, but I’m too old to worry about the macho ‘ride all year’ nonsense. There’s a point when the fun is outweighed by the hassle/discomfort/danger.

And to answer your recent question Mini-Mo, the norks belong to an aged hippie type who was on a stall at the NEC. I couldn’t believe the sass and the size so had to take a pic, my mate creased up at my cheek. But she wasn’t hiding the monsters. She pulled her top/basque down yet further for that shot, and there they hung, all milky white and marbled by multi-coloured veins. Gah!.

Nice! I’d like to have been out riding today, but the current bike prohibits such fun, and then there’s the small matter of working every spare minute to get the next release of the site out the office… Glad no damage was sustained with the scooter incident, doh!

I was so mad! My lil’ brother, first time in London, riding for a month, gets clobbered by some ape on a scoot. Bloke said “Chill it was an accident”. I said “£$!£$%@$%$£Y^^&^$%$#~$ an accident”.

But no harm and it is a story he can tell

LOL. Bet she doesn’t know she’s famous now