Soho Square - parking tickets today

I know it’s got worse and worse trying to park round here lately, but today took the prize.

Pull up to a bay with a “suspended” sign on it. Parking warden standing there helpfully telling bikes where the end of the “safe” zone was. I specifically asked him… “so I’m ok to park here then”. “yes, that’s fine” came the reply.

Several hours later different wardens, issuing every bike a ticket… “sorry love, doesn’t matter what he said the whole bay’s suspended, you’ll have to contest it”. I convincend him to let me move my bike, but the others all got a ticket… if you were parked there this morning (South West bay) and want some confirmation to help you contest your ticket I intend to get this morning’s warden’s badge number/name tomorrow (he’s always around here) and am happy to do a supporting letter. PM if that would be helpful.