Soho Parking - Watchout

Made the mistake of parking in Soho in the bays near the bottom of wardour street (just up from shaftesbury) tonight.

Came back to find my bike in a slightly different position with bent foot peg. After riding for a couple of streets realised something is wrong with the steering / wheel alignment?? Just doesn’t feel right, so have parked it up and left it.

Already contact Rob - who is going to take a look at it - huge thanks!

A friendly guy on a bike stopped when he saw me, his bike had been knocked over too by some ‘known drunk’ in the area… So just recommend everyone not to use those bays.

I guess, I should have been a bit wiser than to park in such a busy area with so many drunk people…

Live and learn… !

Horrible feeling to come back to a damaged bike :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Hope the damage isn’t too serious, chances are your forks are just twisted, easy fix, get the front wheel between your legs and jolt the handles bars until its back straight.

Is there any CCTV around there by any chance, might be worth trying to find out who damaged it.

Central London bays are an absolute horrorshow…

Duck Lane have some bays that are out of the way from the main streets, if you want to park in Soho again…

Or go in the (manned) underground car park in chinatown

Clapham are terrible too. Left my bike in a bay near infinity clapham. Came to it a few days ago front mud guard was shamsed, rear indicator missing, and a scratched screen. :crying:

+1 or the one in Trafalgar Sq, that’s where I left mine last night

Unfortunately, in any ‘vibrant’ part of any city, parking on the street runs the risk of some pisshead clown damaging your bike. I don’t think it’s a particularly ‘Soho’ problem :angry:

Thanks for the parking tips ! Will try the car parks in future

Do you have to pay to park in the car park in Chinatown?

No, it’s free for bikes :slight_smile:

Would anyone be kind enough to post the link to the location of the China Town car park? I am eating out in Soho after work, so will probably just ride straight there. Thanks so much!!! H

Left work Friday evening to find a scooter laying across my pristine VFR… not so pristine now :doze:

I came back to a bike bay in Kensington once just as a scooter owner barged their bike into a non existent gap as myself and another biker was walking in from the other side. he smiled and walked off.
He failed to grasp that it could of been one of our bikes he was wedged against. luckily it was neither but we made sure his scooter was left on the other side of the road when we left :hehe: