soho/ace/chelsea 24/02

hello this is my 1st post, cards behind the bar.

is anything going on the 24th in the way of a meet/ride out???

Hi F400, my post sparked no replies, so think no meet is on.

Oh, welcome to the forum.

It prob will spark some intrest at 5pm ish when ppl know current weather etc and situation…i may be coming down but not 100% sure yet

There’s always some folk at Bar italia on a friday night.

If it’s dry, I may come out, about time really! Been a very busy beaver lately, but the bike’s half-washed now (quick jet-wash session) so wouldn’t mind getting out!

Jay if u do come will u bring a set of stickers for my gixxer???

What does everyone look like cos I might be up for my first meet with you lot. What sort of time do you get to the ace for?

(By the way, I’ll be on a grey Yam XTX with a grey tour x lid).