Software updates on everything!

Hi folks,

As an average joe computer user and not a techy type it really bothers me that I buy stuff and I have to finish the job for the manufacturer.

So just a few days ago I had to plug my fairly useless intercoms into my laptop, upload some stuff then down load it…god knows the computer asked me to accept all sorts of files that I had no idea if they would cause damage, I just had to cross my fingers and hope for the best. I almost ripped the lot out of the helmets ready to chuck back at the dealer and ask for my money back.

The upgrade to later software has made a bit of a difference in some areas which is good but no info is available on what else has changed. So no instructions, no notes on the upgrade and you have to do it yourself. Also no helpline or response to my email. Irritates the shell out of me.

This afternoon I find myself updating the software on my bike so I can use Android Auto. What a faff, I’d rather be riding it than updating the main frame! I did want the dealer to do it but he said the update wasn’t available yet. Another dealer out of my area was most obliging and said he’d let me have the files if I posted him a USB stick. He sent instructions too.

I’m hoping it all goes well and that I don’t wipe the existing software to the extent that the bike won’t function.

Seems to be the way these days! Rant over!