Soft paniers for sportsbike

I need some smallish paniers for a 2007 ZX6R, Givi don’t do a rail or luggage for it yet and I don’t think anybody else does either so I need some soft paniers that lay over/under the pillion seat. Don’t need to be too big but would like something that fits well and is stable and secure.

Any recommendations ?

Slarty, you might need to make your own frame - I had leather paniers on Mole, and I found they tended to hang backwards towards the rear wheel without supports. You might need to fabricate a piece of metal with 3 straight edges, with the middle edge under the seat so that soft paniers can rest on the two side pieces, if you get what I mean.

0|_|0 <----kinda like that, but the other way up. The 0’s are paniers…kinda.

Oxford humpback panniers are the smaller variety. They work well enough. They interlink with the pillion seat and provided they are balanced they shouldnt move around too much. Use the bungees and strap em down and put some matting between them and the paintwork and all should be ok. Think they should be ok with your underseat exhaust.Ebay should find you some cheapies, or MandP sometimes let em go cheaply.

Come colour coded too :smiley: and they made some special green ones for the kwak.

Thanks, I can make a small rail like Mole suggests, or I can use the exhaust hanger to hang a length of ali across the bike to keep the panniers still.

Do the Oxford panniers still benefit from a rail of some kind ?

No they dont really require it. They have internal strength which keeps them rigid enough to hold things. Just use the bungees to sto them moving while riding.