Sod the cyclists... Bloody cagers...

I was nearly brown bread today… Well okay I wouldn’t of been brown bread but it certainly would of ruined my day.

Been out blasting about on the bike, as I was crossing a roundabout some woman didn’t look at all as she approached and just cut straight infront of me, we’ll I say infront more like into the side… I’m sure I saw a boot print in the side,of her car :Whistling:

Well done for getting the boot print, I would have fallen off in an attempt to boot the car.

Glade your ok… Sun makes people to silly things in cars

Interesting. I was following a blue R6 whilst going to work last week. Trying to impress (me) he shot off from the lights & headed towards a mini roundabout. He approached it way too fast but seeing it was clear on his right/straight ahead, kept going. Car on his left obviously misjudged his speed & had already commited to go. Much arm waving by the R6 rider as he had to slam on the anchors.
He blasted on up to the next step of lights but seeing they were red, I eased off & judged it so I reached them as they turned green. I opened it & left him sitting there.
Not making any suggestions but was funny to see it from my pov.

Glad youre ok btw.

People seem to forget that you only need to give way to a vehicle on the right if they’re already on the roundabout, not if they’re approaching it from the right. Cagers on roundabouts drive me mad!!! Grrrrr…

Isn’t this the highway code website?

If so, this seems to say the opposite:

^^quote seems to have not worked, but you get the jist :smiley:

I believe CjKit is correct. You are required to give way to traffic which is “established” on the roundabout to your right. Not approaching the roundabout.
Otherwise at what distance would you be required to give way to vehicles approaching? If it was a large roundabout and you had good visibilty to the right, you could be sat there for ages!

Well assuming that’s a legit website, it says ‘approaching from the right’

It also says ‘should’ not ‘must’ so I guess it’s optional…it certainly seems to be around here, especially for double decker buses.

A black cab drove into the side of me on Sunday. Managed to keep it upright but my leg took a good crushing. Defo a broken ankle or leg had I not been wearing my Alpinestars.

There seems to be a culture of people pulling away at roundabouts holeshot style to justify hitting the horn and generall being aggressive to a driver already on the roundabout, bullying them into being “in the wrong”, if everyone just chilled out at bit roundabouts would be a whole lot safer and less stressful.

But if you look at the legislation governing road markings:

Section 1003.1 says: “vehicular traffic approaching a roundabout should give way, at or immediately beyond the line, to vehicular traffic circulating ON the carriageway of the roundabout”

My missus car got wiped out by 3 lads in a hired golf who approached a mini rbout from the right and at speed (oh and on the wrong side of the road but we can’'t prove that).

Her front wheels were just over the line when they suddenly appeared,panicked and swerved into her.

Our own insurance co thought we were in the wrong because they said “anyone approaching from the right has right of way”

Yes but… not if they were out of sight when you entered the rbout and just appeared suddenly because they were doing 65 in a 30mph zone ffs!!!

Of course the arse is - nobody can prove their speed and my missus is being done in the same way as if they were tootling along and she shot out on them…

She didn’t loose her NCB and we got paid well for the car…but it’s the principle we are fighting for…grrr

I was simply going by what I was taught for my car and bike test.

Obviously if someone is approaching from the right and clearly not expecting you to pull out then you should give way to them, in the same way that you wouldn’t cause an accident in any situation just because you thought you were in the right. But, roundabouts do seem to be becoming more and more of a free-for-all, with everyone thinking they have the right of way simply because they are approaching the junction from the right. I nearly got side-swiped in the car yesterday because a lady in a Range Rover assumed she could just cut across the roundabout as she was coming from the right, even though I was on the roundabout before she even reached the junction. You clearly can’t give precedence to someone simply approaching the junction from the right because as someone said earlier no-one would ever get anywhere.

Principles mean diddly squat with Insurance companies, I’ve had a right battle on my hands to stop my insurance company going for “shared liabilty” when someone went into the back of me **** off…!!!

That just sums it up, they think they are invulnerable.

Roundabouts are there to keep the traffic flowing, you don’t approach the roundabout stop then look to your right to see if anything is comming, as I see most days!

Yes why do people have such problems with turning their head to look before they reach a roundabout?

I have noticed more and more people seem to creep over the line while someone is coming round the roundabout.

Also most don’t seem to understand that cutting across lanes on a busy roundabout is not ok.

Sorry to hear about your misses Ross. Clearly speed is a mitigating issue is this instance.
I think the trouble is that people often believe they have “right of way” but afaik in law, nobody has “right of way”. In situations where road markings/signs dictate, you are often required to give way (or give priority) to other road users. It doesnt mean their “right” is absolute.
Even on blues and two’s, emergency services dont have “right of way”. You should give way to them (if safe) but it doesnt mean they can assume to have carte blanche rights.

Just remember folks, just because it is your right of way doesn’t stop an idiot ignoring that and ploughing into you. Treat roundabouts with caution and ALL other road users as idiots and you just make it through your ride in one piece.

On the subject of roundabouts, the thing that grates hugely with me is the increasing number of people who (on a two-lane approach) take the right-hand lane for making a left turn so that they can beat all those queuing correctly in the left-hand hand. The other one is those who want to turn right but approach the roundabout in the left-hand lane and go round the whole roundabout on the outside lane.

You see it 90%+ time at roundabouts, but unless you want to invite the inevitable collision and ensuing insurance hassles, you just have to let it go. That said, I did one approach a roundabout in the left-hand lane intending to turn left, but when I saw some cheeky cow flying down the right-hand lane with her left indicator on, I decided I’d rather go straight over and take the second exit… man did she **** herself :smiley: Dash camera was running for a clear cut claim on her insurance if she’d hit me :cool:

“On the subject of roundabouts, the thing that grates hugely with me is the increasing number of people who (on a two-lane approach) take the right-hand lane for making a left turn so that they can beat all those queuing correctly in the left-hand hand”

You could join the rab from the right hand lane, go ALL the way around, ie 450 degrees (passed exit 2, 3, 4) and back to the first exit again.
Traffic queueing therefore has to give way to you as you are on the rab, on their right. :wink: