sod it,,,bought another Suzuki GT750 from the states

couldnt resist it…am buying a few field bikes and quads and ride on lawn mowers too…oh and a few more triples, s2 and s3…not for riding of course, all for sale…

You don’t wanna buy a bandit fighter do ya? :smiley:

It seems no one is buying at the minute so you probably got them for a bargain right?

Oooh :cool: You can keep your waterbottle but I’d love an S2 :wink:

got three coming in if you really want one…

Ducati tourer type thing? Thought the Triumph RS Sprint was a better bike? But it does have 1 cylinder too many for Monkeyman.

no the s2 is a kawasaki 350, lovely engine and quiet fast for those days…will do about 110mph…very rare bike…


Lovely!!Triple or Twin?

Presuming twin if Monkeyface is interested?

S2 = 350

S3 = 500??

Glad your back into the import business - makes the next trip over to yours more exciting.

gissa go on the kettle someone…always wanted a go and not had the chance yet :crying:

nearly right

s1 250 and kh250

s2 350 they never made a kh 350

s3 400 and kh 400

h1 500 and kh500

h2 750…they never made a kh750…got two of these coming…one with a really tweaked up engine…intake reed valves and all that…lovely…

they are all lovely bikes though…yes will make sure i have a few more for the next visit and maybe a few running as well

lovely bike, really relaxed and cool bike to ride…I cried a tear…metaphorically, when i sold my last one…she was a beauty…come with killer next time he pops in and yes you can have a go…should arrive here in about 4 weeks…

woohoo :smiley: cheers 2T will sort summat out with killer on when he coming down, my era of bikes those just never managed to get 1, had the KH250, GT380, 750/4 sohc k and FB series plus other sheds in between :slight_smile:

I loved my old kh250…then got a kh500…still got it bought in 1977…bit of a wreck now but will put it together over the coming years…

My old mate Ralph had an S2 when I had an RD350A and it would smoke everything in the same size range - literally:D

Quite a rare beastie these days, haven’t seen one on the road for yonks.

It would have to be a red’un though:cool::smiley:


what condition, a were the most common, is it blue…does it run etc etc…

i dont know owt about importing bikes or state of market in the states, could you enlighten us about finding suzuki rg 500 ? would it work out cheaper ? cheers

it runs very well complete engine rebuild and its redish guy coming over from ireland for it know sorry