So you think you can ride...............

Mad Dog lets see what you can do fella…

never have enuff of that vid :slight_smile:

good tune to

vive la France et vive les Francais!!!:slight_smile:

Shut it froggy:D

Dougie Lampkin, thats all i will say on this subject;)

dupont is wicked…but dougie rules…:smiley:

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dougie rules

Enfants de la patrie, le jour de gloire est arrive…

shut it frenchie!!!


PJ (12/11/2008)

Mad Dog lets see what you can do fella…[/quote]cool vid:cool: … well i can do all the out takes involving the crashing:D

Rite next on the list of bikes is a trials. Give me 5 minutes on it and i’ll be 5 minutes closer to being as good as that guy :w00t::hehe:

Give mad dog 5 minutes on one and he’ll be on his back :smiley:

Wot ADZ said :slight_smile:

kool vid, is that the same dude that done the vid where he’s tearing around some posh manor house??

Hey guy`s! Have a look at this one. This boy is 5 years old, training with his older brothers and local team.
Vid from PL.:w00t: RESTECPA!