So you see a car/motorbike deliberately putting himself and other roadusers in danger. You are CERTAIN that an accident will happen within minutes if nothing is done. What should you do?

Remember, you are CERTAIN that the deliberate aggressive driving of this idiot is going to end in an accident within minutes. You haven’t just seen one or two silly mistakes - we are talking someone who doesn’t give a crap who gets hurt…

The assumption is that you can communicate with him without breaking any road rules yourself…

Ha ha ha, at 9 am, without any replies that has already made my day! :smiley:

Glad you enjoyed it Mr BlingBling.

I see Kishan is online. Awesome. :smiley:

No option for whack him on the helmet? Bah!

More of a tap to get his attention - and to make sure I wasn’t standing there with someone mouthing back at me or acting tough thinking they could shout me down or attack back…

Anyway - the poll is so far 8 to 1 Kishan.

Not wanting to get involved in a argument but with Kishan on this one.
Speak to the miscreant and at no time hit him on the helmet or anywhere else. It is an assault which will get you nicked if the crap driver makes an allegation.

No one is a perfect rider and at times we all probably do something that may be construed as reckless / dangerous to someone else. Someone hits me on the helmet and then you’ll be getting nicked. After I have removed you from your bike.
Shame this thread has been started, almost reminds me of bullying in school.

Sorry you see it that way Baz. I’m of the age where I think people have to do something rather than do nothing. The tap was trivial - but I accept how you would see it from the eyes of the law. However THIS thread is not about whether people should do anything physical - but rather should they do anything at all - a point with which you seem to agree (without the tap).

Just playing the devils advocate Simon. I personally think people should stand up for themselves and others but I also know is someone comes up and makes an allegation to a cop, no matter how trivial, it has to be dealt with. Hate seeing decent people getting in the crap. Anyway, lets all get on, there will not be an agreement across the board with everyone regarding this.

Just to add to the debate. Some places have “Good Samaritan” laws designed to protect the good samaritan from any prosecution for wrongdoing if they were acting as a good samaritan to avoid a life being lost. In fact in some places they go a step further and you can be charged for NOT being a good samaritan in a position where you should have done something.

The UK doesn’t have either type of law as far as I am aware.

Understood - and totally get your stance. Cheers.

Has there ever been agreement across the board on anything???

A polite but stern talking to, yes of course.

A clip round the ear ol, no. It is as mentioned an assault, an arrestable offence under common law… and I’m quite sure we’re all big enough to not lower ourselves to their level.

wow so childish give it a rest will you god whats happened has happened lol yet you bring the same crap back up the next day like a stuck record :rolleyes:

Lol. I vote cornflakes.

When I get time I’ll read your post about what you actually did and see if I can understand why you did it then.

Meanwhile this morning I witnessed loads of crap driving and people shouting abuse at each-other and at no point did I feel the need to get off my bike and twat someone.

I would recommend you take up Chen T’ai Chi. I find it does help with stress and as a bonus the training gives you an outlet for any inner aggression you might not even realise you have.

Well done Lim for seeing the humour. Kishan and I will get to your level of Zen one day.

If I dont get my cornflakes by the end of the day you are in serious trouble…I know your route to work.

LOL - I’ve swapped bikes today to be incognito (well also because the other one went in for an MOT last night). Also planning a different route after work - planning to head out to see my 4th Grandchild who was born yesterday - he’s 9lb 10oz so he seems to have my genes.

Congratulations to the Grand Dad!

On the subject. I strongly believe if we do nothing, no one will.

I know is a bit long shot but this 100ish cars accident in Kent. How many times I was shouting “tell you friends and family to turn on the flipping headlights” how many of you did that? Thankfully no casualties, but how much money and time could be saved if everyone would have brain and done two things:

  • slowdown in uncertain conditions
  • turn on the headlights

I have a very short fuse but I probably wouldn’t go that far as Simon, only because I would not stop after flick in the idiot ear. So then it would be perfect thread for Kish and few others about road rage and assault.

Take care and be safe.


A lot of sense there - and thanks for the congratulations. By the way, I got the KLV back last night (after the puncture repair). It was an absolute joy to ride that in this morning. It just devours the miles effortlessly… The ER6-f gets me to work, but the KLV gets me there with a big grin on my face.

Me want!!!Can I have it please? :stuck_out_tongue:


ps. in like 3 weeks time…

I’ll take you pillion in three weeks!