so whos going Superbike sunday?

well im gonna pop down to the ace on sunday

for the obvious reason…


who going down there?

if so what times people getting there?

oh and seeing as its gonna be a nice 15c and clear as a bell!!!
i dont think there are many excuses!!

im gonna be there between 12-1pm, pm me your number and I will give you a Corona, we can park our GSXRs together…

ok ill see you down there

theres just one problem i aint got a gsxr anymore!

i got a fireblade now so keep your eyes out for a yellow and purple old skool blade with purple screen

ok look out for the loudest gsxr k3, you will ever hear, black and gold

Yeah, should be there.

Properer old skool gsxr 11, i’m easy to recognise, got demon head tattooed on the back of me head, lol. say hi if ya see me.


i got ya number john, will give you a bell when i get there

no probs m8, hopefully be going bout 11 for about 12ish

cool, i will be there same time too

I’ll be seeing Blade there about 11ish and we’ll probably hang around for a while before going for a ride.

I will be popping along about 11 ish and then heading off for a ride after so see you there!

Oh i see rich going out without me are you. You never said anything ealier.