So who you shouting for tonight?

(Assuming you have an interest in footie)

Barca for me. Hopefully with a 119th minute deflection off Ronaldo’s arse after Man U have hit the woodwork 17 times and missed 12 penalties.

for those who are like me…

neither. bunch of overpaid overhyped nonces who dive at the slightest opportunity. Like to see them put as much effort into the game with a tenth of the salary

Barca! Even though we should be in the final. :frowning:
If i’m honest, i think Man U will win. :angry:

Man U :smiley:

The referee :smiley:

good choice Kev but I think the bog roll from the crowd has a better chance

Manu for me, the english premiership team.


I’m an Arsenal fan don’t like Man utd much but seeing they are English i will back them for tonight.

I really don’t wanna see that petulent, pathetic, childish scotch twat Fergie achieve anything other than defeat tonight.

But at least they kept the chelsea scum out the picture.

Man U :smiley:

Although at the moment, my 7yr old son doesnt know whether to wear his Man U kit or Barca shirt! Bless him!

Ditto…I’m a Newcastle fan but always support the English teams whoever they are.

As a gooner I will hope Barca win just to give TH14 a Champs league winners medal after his years of service for us.


But for ‘Newcaste’, read ‘Crystal Palace’

+1. Viva Espana Barca rocks :smiley: Q

Oh what a shame! :stuck_out_tongue:

Pardon? :cool: Qx

Barca deserved to win as they were so much better than utd.

Very disappointed the ref let me down. :smiley:

Oh well, I’m sure 3 back-to-back premiership wins, and 11 out 17 has softened the blow. :DAdded to the scousers winning f*ck all (again). It’s not been a bad season. :w00t: