So ... who went to the Bulldog Bash?

Okay, I’ve looked through the forums and cannot see a thread for the Bulldog Bash (11th - 14th August @ Long Marston Airfield Nr Stratford-on-Avon). Please forgive me if it already exists as I am new to this forum.

So anyway, there must be quite a few people on the forum that went to the Bulldog, so perhaps we could post a few piccies and tell some amusing tales …

I went with my girl Sammm & my friend Chris. We arrived on Friday night (we’re a bit muntered in this one … check out the gurn on my face!):

Here’s another pic of Sammm:

Here’s the dance tent just warming up on Saturday night:

And, I think that this is Anne Savage (she did one of the best sets IMHO):

Well, we got sooo off our faces on both nights that we were really struggling to walk at 6am-ish when the dance tent finished … some of the other bikers found this well amusing! On Sunday morning we crashed out between 8 & 9am. When we woke up about 2 in the afternoon, the campsite was just about empty! … so we reckon we out-partied most of 'em!

This last shot is of my “old bus”, just before it carried us (me & Sammm) home:

I think I can safely say that a damned fine time was had by us. So, what did the rest of y’all get up to?

Hey! That looks like was fun! You see I didn’t know about that, perhaps we could use this space to tell each other about things like that so, we don’t miss anything! Thanks SP

Maybe it could be a site idea for Jay to action - A diary of whats on and when so that people know about it. Fixed so unspamable. Just an idea.

I do want to implement a diary on the site, but the problem I’ve found, is in getting hold of event information. We don’t have any sources for this kind of information, we’ve got to become recognised enough that event organisers send us the details.

Perhaps you could implement a diary that WE all contribute to!

Ouch, that’s a terrible picture of me! But yeah, we were a bit the worse for wear

The 'Bash was fun though.

Okay SP, I’ll have a think about it. Cheers! Love the pictures by the way, looks fun!