So who is still here?

Does anyone still remember old days of weekly tickets I used to get and having trouble setting up a direct debit to pay those to Met Police?

Anyone from old Team still here?

Well Arnie, you’re the only person I know who has been pulled over by a diplomatic police officer.

Good thing it was broady. :smiley:

I bet Broady still remember the look on my face when this happened. I must admit I improved quite a lot since then, not that I am better person, simply tickets are ÂŁ100 now not like ÂŁ30 in old days.

Is Broady still here?

Haven’t seen him on here in a while. Did see him at the Christmas dinner.

Hey @Arnie! Blimey not seen you around here in a long time!

@Jay last time I was here you decided not to run the forum and passed managing to other? SO it is still you the main boss;)

Yeah got occupied so much with refurbing my house, making babies etc so had not so much time.

I was glad my account still worked :wink:

What’ new with you ?

Yes, I stood down for a while, but took it back a few years ago :slight_smile:

Sounds like you’ve been busy. Same here, but without babies.

Might be::

I’m still here, good to see you’re still alive and adding to the kiddie world :+1:

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Still alive, got second baby on the way now;)

I live a bit out of London but commute in to work.

And I am occupied in doing good things as well, uncovering scams in car industry atm.

Are all still coming to Ace on Fridays ?

Last time I was on here I was singing the praises of wasp. She did a fantastic job of stitching my leathers…

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There’s a name from the past!

Hello! It seems LB is not as active as in the past. Has everyone moved to FB ?

Been a bit busy having some titanium modifications done. :slight_smile:

lol… Like I said its been a while… Im still trying to navigate this sites whole new look…

Welcome back Grim how are you?

I am very well thanks mate… Older and wiser (I hope lol) but very well… How have you been?

Recovering from having the L5/S1 disk removed and the joint fused.

That does not sound like fun. Does it mean you can ride for longer though?