Will anyone be there from 7?,

I went passed last week about 1925 and there was only 4 bikes there

I’m going straight from work (without bike) so I’ll be there from around 6:30pm I would imagine.


I’ll be there at about 7.30pm with the Chuffmeister in tow!

Ohhhhh now you make me feel soooooooo bad, i so want to go…, cos i want to hear all about sundays ride mate, it kicks off later generally. Hope to see you there!

You luck, luck bunch!- The sun is out, it smells like summer and the roads are dry…can I go for a ride? can I come and finally meet people at the Cuban???

Nope! I’ve broken my foot (!) and can’t do buggggger all!

Bord, bord, bord…anyone got a sidecar???

Still no number plate so bike still at home, may walk over from the office for a quick coffee on the way home.


Oh no panobo! Sorry to hear about your foot!

No can do this evening, going for a Bimble in the Surrey countryside instead

Hoping to make it down after 9pm with a few of the guys and gals from MCNNinjas

Going along tonight so should be there from 7-7.30 ish lookin forward to catching up with some of you later on

What bike will you be on?

May not come on the bike but be wearing black and drinking bud cant miss me

Ill be there for first time

Chilled be good to see you again…

BTW anyone come in from Kent way, down the A2?

Won’t be coming in that way as already in London but will be going home that way.

going to try and make an apperance tonite

yea will be there tonight with the piece of crap (front suspension problem atm) c u all there

oh yea and Kevin (project9928) is coming too, duno if he has time to reply yet…


Sorry cant do tonight will try and be there for next week…