just to say “hope to see ya to see ya nice

It will be a good example of summer nights and the drinks are on him…

Such a beautiful day today…

am gonna try and get out of work early go for a quick little ride and see ya all at Cubana…

Mojito night…

i should be heading down, cant see any problems!

any one riding in from M1 direction and want to meet on the way in!

We’re going, for sure! I’m gagging to get out, got new tyres and they feel good.

what tyres you get ? I am thinking a new set of pilot powers for my lil beast…

Oh yeah … I’ll be there!

Be there for a short while.

I’ll be there form about 8 onwards… got the lat shift at work

Chuffster shall be in town again. See you all there.

I will be there for the first time… can’t wait

Thanx AbbeyJ and Trisckie for your warm welcome

Super Corsas, Tex. Mainly for the track.

I know the area but can’t picture the venue…!

I’ll be along - but without the bike :frowning:

If it stays dry Karen and I shall be there!

Sorry, cant make tonight…again…argh

But Abbeyj and Mimi, what you up to friday night ?

wedding friday… so cant make it out to play this Friday…

Trisckie. - I already told my Baby her friend is gonna be there tonight… its gonna break her heart!!!

I might me there on the Bug tonight.

In spite of the cracking Bruce forsyth impression I won’t be there tonight.

Jo has a riding and driving test coming up, (the mad thing is doing bike test one day and then car test the next), so I am devoting as much of my free time as possible to preactice with her.

I should be there from around 8

I’ll be in attendance.

The firestorm had new tyres fitted on Monday (Metzeler roadtec) and they’re very good. More of a commuting tyre than the super corsas which were on there before. I still can’t corner though!