So who else doesn't know how to play poker?

Anyone else not ever played poker before and still going to the Poker Night? I’m really looking forward to it but can’t be the only person who’s never played before, please say someone is going to keep me company??? Any excuse to dress up though, I’m so excited :D:D:D

I cant play and that would be one of the main reason iam not going, i can never remeber all the rules.

Snaps more my terratory :w00t:

Happy to donante some money towards the cause though.

Don’t be such a pansy…I’m still going :smiley: Don’t mind making a tit out of myself by learning on the night seeing as it’s for chearidy :stuck_out_tongue: Don’t leave me on my own!!!

I want to go but i think im training for a rally that weekend… Would come and make an idiot of myself with ya :smiley:

sign up to and play on there before you go, thats how i learned to play it, oh and it’s free to play, hope it helps :smiley:

Fat chance of that helping. She has got the poker face of a puppy in front of her first bone…

You’d know of course hey :wink:

Ally just sack off the rally training and come and cause mischief with me…be so much more fun!!!

I think I’ve played once or twice, but, no idea of the rules and still going - So, I’m in the same boat as you Vanda - We can have a race to see who loses their chips first - Should be a good evening :smiley:

I can’t go as I’m mountain bike racing that night. I’m sure you’ll all do fine

There will be an expert there to help those of you along that are not sure of the rules.

I have only played online with FaceBook so this will be my first proper game against people at the same table and am so looking forward to it.

As Miss Vanda said its a great excuse to get dressed up and have a great evening all for Charity:P

and if I’m going theres a good chance that you won’t be out first - that’ll be my job :smiley: So looking forward to seeing you all there

I don’t know how to play and am far too tight and Scottish to gamble anyway, charidee or not.