so what's the best thing about christmas

well i guess this is the only time everyone in my family actually really make an effort to get together at each other’s houses!.


None of the above tbh I have had enough this year been hanging around bars with christmas decorations up since the end of October and over over drunk people I wish today would hurry up as I want to go buy my 17" mack book pro.

Had enough of Bill Gates crap OS too

grumble grumble

I soooooooo need a holiday after this.

Does anyone really give a crap anymore about the whole Jesus being born on this day, I think its more about buying up Nintendo Wii stock pile and selling it on ebay at a hefty profit.

I like the grub…even though its me cooking! i cannot understand why some people get in a flap over cooking a beautiful meal for everyone…i love it, cooking is defo my forte. But its the one time of year i can and will eat everything i want:D

Mind u i spend the rest of the year regretting it:w00t:

i like christmas, but food and drink is better

The family getting together thing is good but it’s half past two and I just wish it was time they all buggered off now;):smiley:

Spending the day with my girl. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :D:D

why dont you just tell them tyo bugger off then :smiley:

i will do thqat tonight its called my left hand :laugh:

i feel ive outgrown christmas to a certain degree, i used to love it but im not fussed much these days, i must be getting old!!! i do enjoy cacthing up with friends and family though…:slight_smile:

L A Z I N E S S :smiley:

You only have to pick up the phone to 1eater you know:D

what i would like to know is who the heck is 1 eater i have never met her and it she only appered on the forum after christmas party

Can I change my vote please?

I’ve decided the best bit about Christmas has been Strictly Come Dancing Xmas Special… Just had to sit through that loadda bol!ox:doze:

I want my house back!!!;):D:D

I thought it was pretty good. I want Flavia and Aliesha as my gridgirls next year :w00t:


All the inlaws and outlaws have now buggered off and normal service has been resumed:D

Where did I put the Andrews Liver Salts?:w00t:

It`s nice when the family get together. When the family gets together at christmas it seems more relaxed which is nice.

The best thing about Christmas is when its over!

Ginger said that too…but she just sad “Baaaaaa!”;):smiley:

family is the best thing, mine live about 180 miles away and i dont get to see them often so its real nice to have them around…mum and dad into late 70’s early 80’s and getting to that age where driving is becoming a real chore…

I’m not religious at all, but as a singer I love the Christmas music that you get to do at concerts and services at this time of year. Not because of what it ‘means’, just because it’s great stuff to perform and audiences love it.

My family is scattered around a bit so we don’t see each other that often and it is the only time we have a chance to all get together, this year down at my little brother’s house in Leatherhead on Boxing Day.