so what next???

yes im very bored sitting around with me leg up at home…

been thinking about a possible new ride, got a good few ideas at the mo

R6-05 model in black, or the R46 special…

SV1000s 03-06 models…black or special colours

Touno…love teh matt grey ones…

Another SV650…get one at a good price…spend rest on suspension mods…ie gixxa front end, rear shock…etc maybe some engine work. i do love me SV!!

TL1000 S OR R…

wotcha fink guys?

As I said yesterday, come over to the dark side, go for the R6 :w00t:

once you’re all fixed up give me a shout you can havea quick parking lot spin on the thou:hehe:

love the look of this bike…would suit me soooo much…but its not a twin :frowning:


I know it’s not but it super sexy, why not try an IL4, you never know, you might just like it :smiley:

do a custom 650 then:D

get a moto!!

do it

you know you want to:D

I’d be tempted by either an 04/05 600 GSXR, or an 04 ZX6R 636.

Both bikes have handling that most of us would find it hard to live up to and top speeds that we will rarely ever see! :slight_smile:

hmmm im still thinking…i rode a gixxa6 k2 i think, a few week ago…i didnt like it…it felt odd, was fast but it felt odd! no engine braking!!:smiley:

i’m a have a good think, in a way i wanna move up a gear, my sv was loads of fun and i knew how much i could push it, i was used to it, we had loads of fun me and thumper! so im thinking well why not get another, but more tweaked…

or step to something a bit quicker…ie a thou twin or a sports 600, think a few test rides are in order!

as i said you can try the thou when your ready

Might know of a k5 750 going for the right price mate, the only bike really worth having.:wink:

Dude, you’ll never get the engine braking with an IL4, not like on a twin anyway. Seems like it’s the paint that you’re after so I’d suggest saving up and getting that sorted, or get some cheap track plastics and Graph them yourself, V cool.

I’d look for a V Thou if I were you or if you really want a IL4 what about a 2000 blade, awsome bikes and cheap.

Tuono’s are great bikes, handle well and a good power unit, how are Aprillia spares these days?

Take your time and get something you really want, colour is something to worry about later.

sv1000 mate :slight_smile:

With winter fast approaching I’d say get yourself an old nail, keep your cash in ya pocket and get something shiny in the spring:cool:


You need to bare in mind that you commute so need something that’s not too extreme on the wrists. The R6 is a great bike but I think Oli may have something to say about the Rossi exclusive rep seeing as he has one already. An IL4 will be super smooth in traffic and rev loads higher than a twin but has no character. I would taken Viggen up on his offer and try the SV1000 and see if you like it. It seems the natural next step. Failing that and you wanna go IL4 then either a gixer 750 or pick up an 03 R1 for around £3500, now they are serious bits of kit.

Hope to see you about soon fella.

IL4 only way to go mate :slight_smile:

go west young man :smiley: z750 … rented one of these in neth’lands and went down to n’bergring 7 hrs return journey … smooth with plenty of grunt … ok suspension’s a bit bouncy but good for commuting … will do 235 km/hr … autobahn of course :wink:

… iL4 ? hey why not eh … ‘dark side’ bizzo trade-off … but i think *one * iL4 owner’s venturing to the V side judging by his siggy line … :smiley:

… else … moto the sv :smiley:




Gsxr 750!