So What do I call my new premises?

Any suggestions? (Rixxy…just don’t :wink: )

Josh’s money pit?

Going with the “surgery” vibe…

RPM Doctor
Cycle Clinic

Scorched Earth

gear, noise & throttle clinic

G n T for short, I like that. Scorched Earth is very poetic, but not sure it conveys the purpose of the business :wink:
I like the idea of keeping the Scorch thing, as a lot of people associate me with that name.
Scorch’s Motorcycle Surgery sounds just a bit naff I think?

The G Spot

Scorch Manhole


Scorch’s Motorcycle Surgery

Does the trick tho? - S.M.S

Scorches lair

Not exactly what I was looking for…If Lord Sainsbury had named his first shop ‘John’s Hideout’, I’m not sure he would have been quite as successful :wink:
Alba, G Spot? What relevance does that have to anything? …aside from giving you an excuse to be filthy :w00t:

Blazing Saddles

I’m not sure I’m ready to become the new base for the moustachioed Harley Riders brigade.

No comments on her “scorch manhole” suggestion, or are you still considering that one ? :w00t:

Lord no, my manhole is fitted with a non-return valve :wink:



Scorch’s BikeWorks

Scorch’s Cave Of Resurrected Hooliganism! Or SCORCH for short! :smiley:

Scorched Motosurgey

Scorch’s rehabilitation unit … And then if you get to successful or cocky about the whole thing I can come and rearrange the letters to " unethical rich abortionist "