So what cars do you drive

As title really

I started racing pushbikes, moved on to motorbikes, then cars, then cars and bikes

I have raced Cosworths and single seaters, now separated I am starting to enjoy life again hence my toys hahaha:P:P:P:P

So what ya got

Got the one car, a Honda CRV.

Currently - very occasionally - drive a Skoda Superb 1.8T 2002 model. Poor thing spends most of the time sitting in the street getting dusty :hehe:

Ford Focus its a work car, has its pro’s and cons…

Pro’s, its comfy to sit in all day, better than most other L cars, always brand new (i get a new one every 6 months)

Cons, its £840 per month to hire plus petrol :ermm:

I wouldnt want to race a car, not after owning a bike :smiley:

I have my Skoda Fabia turbo and my Vauxhall combo van, i do track days and used to race in the Ford Fiesta XR2i for Leyton House team.

bought a brand new TT coupe 5 months ago :cool: Tis nice, loved it a lot more before I got the bike, now it seems a bit slow and boring, however the birds love it so can’t complain

Fast ones only

P reg merc Vito:D fast as fook! I sold my series 2 RS turbo before Christmas, it was time for it to go:)

Before the battery fell through into the passenger footwell !!!

Could never get on with the slow steering, had to change for a quick rack on mine, nice and easy to tune up tho

thing is with somthing like an R1 or a Blade the performace is so good it makes even fast cars feel slow…lol

Use to have a Nissan Micra Collete 1.2 before wrapped it round a tree trying to drift :smiley:

Was looking at a TT when I bought the Nissan 350z, but it was 4 years older with 50k more miles for the same money so went for the 350 instead, good for drifting too hahahahaha

Women… don’t do them anymore, can’t afford to. But I haven’t turned Gay… yet!

Me!! only fast ones!!!:w00t:

Good way of telling the world what you have sitting in your garage:w00t:

Volvo S60 2.4, I know it sounds a bit old man but you don’t see it wheel spinning in the snow and it has all the options a BMW has. Plus it’s comfortable for the long journeys and it’s safe for the wife who is a bit sketchy behind the wheel. :slight_smile:


Me, a Black one and a Blue one. :slight_smile:

Drifting in a Nissan micra, respect. :smiley:

im not one to boast but…

haha :smiley:

which one is the fastest??:hehe:

Black and blue, that how I ended up when the ex misses had a mood on!!!

I have a Astra 1.8 Sri Irmscher model. It’s very dull.