So today is looking up for me XD

im quite happy XD today i passed my mod2 now no longer a member of the l plate group and i got a call back offering me a little sunday morning job XD bit pants it starts a 5am on a sunday but a job is a job XD XD XD

your sig is outa date :wink:

erm yes it is haha might leave it there because i may lose it in a few weeks depending how these tickets go lol if i do i must be the person to hole a full licence for the least amout of time out of anyone lol

Nice one Ross! Welcome to the big boys club :slight_smile:


Congrats mate. I’m gonna text you in a bit as I may have some more good news for you.

ok mate =]


Now you can get rid of that crappy 2T! :wink:

oi that isent very nice lol my 2 stroke has served me well XD carrying my fat arse for over 10k without blowing up haha its good in my books and i wish i could cant aford anything new for a wile but if this job all goes well mabey in a few months

congratulations xx

and good luck with the other issue.

Nice one! Betting you had less trouble with your than I had with mine :crazy:

Think about it this way. If you don’t loose it you’ll be saving a fortune on L plates.

Congrats on passing your Mod 2… :slight_smile:

Hope all goes well with the ticket issue…

hey i’d sit behind your 2 stroke all day…

congrats Ross on the license and the job it’s not all that bad :)…maybe you can use jst passing your bike test as some leverage against not getting all your points when you go to court,just got a new job and need the transport to get to and from work because of the hours you’ll be working. just a idea

that is a good idear gp XD going to send the forms off tomorrow and see how it goes when i get the reply

Congrats Ross! Nice one mate :smiley:

Well done. Hope the courts look kindly on you.