so shes all done.... pretty much..

So after 3 weeks we have re-assembled and replaced lots of parts on my 604 RS here she is…:slight_smile:

gay pics didnt load

its crap, everytime i try n load up on this page it always does this, its ****. lew check my fb page


Looks like when you tried posting the pics you pasted the link into the text box and not in the url box. Muppet. Why don’t you try again :wink:

Westie, you just need to click the little image icon in the post editor (the picture of the mountain with the sun), then if you’re inserting an image off the internet you use the ‘Link Image’ bit and paste the URL of the image in there, OR if you’re uploading an image from your computer you need to select ‘Upload Image’ and click Browse and browse to the image on your computer, then click Add Image and Robert’s your mother’s brother: