So sad!

That’s awful, RIP

I feel sorry for the poor lorry driver, it can’t be easy for him/her to come upon 3 bikes and not be able to do anything about it.

truely shocking! R.I.P

:crying: f*ck. RIP bikers, I hope the lady surviving makes it. My thoughts are with the lorry driver too.

Harsh harsh accident.

what a shame for all parties. RIP all 3 of you and hoping the 4th makes a good recovery


I heard this on the news and was very shocked.


How tragic. It’s true that the signs in Italy do leave a lot to be desired! Sometimes you get ZERO warning of roads being out. It’s insane.

RIP guys. Horrible news.

Just saw this report on the news. Absolutely awful. RIP all and wish the survivor a speedy recovery.

holy [email protected] :frowning:

They only live about 15 miles from me, shocking story… RIP and thoughts to the families

God awful…RIP bikers.

A police spokesman said: '‘We are working on the theory that when they left the tunnel they did not realise it was single-lane.’

How does that work?

So you basically have to squeeze yourself as far to the right as possible to avoid oncoming traffic?

What an idiotic example of road planning :doze:

a vey good friend of mine was friends with them. the 63 year old male owned a bike shop in rochester apparently.