so much for equality

I can’t see anything wrong with an online networking system, it’s a great way to meet people and share common interests. It’s what we do here isn’t it?

Except my impression of this facebook is that it is there as a online network filtering system…in which case it would be absolutely and utterly rubbish - if that was what it was there for, of course.

It would be nothing more than elitist defensive snobbery. Where people who do not fit a rigid, arbitrary and specifically defined mould are excluded from being exposed to, and perhaps being able to take advantage of, all sorts of opportunities before they have been given a chance to show their character, personality and value.

Totally unfair. And makes for a very dull, unenterprising and manufactured society.

Still, prevalence at Oxford and Cambridge, i’m sure it’s just to get word out that there’s a party about. That’s ok then.

(stomp stomp stomp…Flick now leaving soapbox)!

i do think online communities help you make new friends, but theres allot that it takes over, so people use it instead of meeting real people.

good thing with lb is its just a basis for bike meets, socialising etc

I posted a reply on the bbc, but dont think they posted it…

I agree with u Steve

Your virtual friend,


exactly weaver.

Ive been to university, and to be honest feel it was a waste of time, never really fitted in, and didnt like what it turned people into (esp in this particular industry i work )

to be honest, id be happier getting my hands dirty taking apart cars or motorbikes than sitting in a cushy job at a computer all day long.

people seem to think that because they do that, or work in the city they are somehow better and above everyone else

Obviously not being from England it dont affect me as much, but i never noticed as much before as i do now the whole middle and working class thing in england, and its only now that i realise the city jobs etc are only giving to middle class, where you live, where youve been to uni and where youve come from being the more important factor than what skills you may have

It irritates me, and seriously pisses me off!!