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SO... Mohammed is coming to the mountain!

RIGHT you lot!
I tried to get your attention with an open market venue to ride to… but it seems I have to try harder.
SO here it is.

Forest Hill’s only REAL Bakery… meaning I actualy bake the stuff all the cafes and other shops buy in.

Here’s the online shop link:
IF you order anything, it comes straight to your door…

Yopu don’t even have to leave the house… and considering Omicron right now int he run up to Christmas… taht MUST be a good thing…

THanks All

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Did you get a new delivery guy?

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Don’t … I still can’t afford a helmet, let alone leathers, petrol, insurance, tax, or a even a BIKE right now… that kind of picture is TECHNICALLY ABUSE :rofl: you heartless sod!

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I thought it was absolutely fall down screaming funny SUPERBAD

Can’t open the link. What’s your address?

80 Baker Street
F7 0UR

Cheers Pan

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2 Roundhay CLose, forest hilll, se23 2np

PAN… back in the oven!

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