So might have changed my mind again....

OK, now swung from the Fireblade to the 600RR to the GSXR750 to the R6… However, another proposition has come up and was wondering what you fellas and lasses thought of th 2004 Ninja (636 before any of you think i have totally lost my mind!!)

<12000km and pmòy E4000. Whay say you???

great bike!! do it :slight_smile:

I am biased but i’ve never had a problem with my ninja. Come over to the green side!

Mine’s a 600 and I love it to bits. I’d have another without hesitation.

the 04 bike is the best 600 err sorry 636cc ninja made to!!

its fairly hardcore though stiff light and flighty…

The 05/06 was a better road bike, but the Ninja 636 was badass before Kawasaki lost the plot and removed 36cc from the motor.

Which talking arse magazine did you pinch that from ? :Whistling:

Ridden 03, 05 and 07 dude…You like yours so that’s all that matters :wink:

I’d say do it babe x

If you won’t get a Ducati you might as well have a Kwacker:D

WHO IS CHINKY MINKEY? Are we being targeted by ex members of the red army? Does Chairman Mao still hold sway on this forum?

So from a ride you can tell they lost the plot :pinch: You’d best apply for a job with one of the magazines Afro to be able to make your mind up so quickly and evaluate a bike so completely you’d save them a fortune :wink:

What tyres were they all on, you know that makes a difference :P;)

if a hadnt had got me gixer i would av got the 636 insane bike youl love it

Well it wasn’t a ride out and I didn’t bin any of them either :DTyres were Bridgestones on the 05 and Michelins on the others…What were you using when you crashed the Triumph :smiley: