So many riders in London

coming from London you cant miss it on the side of the road just as you get to the green…i hope to see you up there too then !!!

you cant miss me…im Mitzi…LOL

Quote: im in enfield greater london

Are we starting enfieldbikers then?

no excuses triang…im from battersea/clapham junction and im up there most nights…

I live in Hampshire - but I have been to the Cubana once.

Hampshire born, Hampshire bred,

broad in the shoulder, thick in the head

Bushey near Watford is where i reside.

Been looking to buy nearer work (EC3) for about 6 months but i either cant afford it or get beaten to it.

I really should be in bed as i have that blardy commute to do in 6 hours time

Ruislip, North West London for me

I 'll consider meself warned then!!

Crofton Park near Catford for me


Today = Belgium

Day after tomorrow = Camden

See you at the ACE, lads n’ lasses


do we get points for living in the congestion charge zone?

Only if you were born there - sort of the modern day version of being born within the sound of Bow bells!

but the congestion charge is only a couple of years old.

Wait a minute if we’re gonna strut our ‘London Cred’ here …

Born in London - check

Live in London - check

Grandad was a Hansom Cab Driver Cor Blimey - check

you’re my hero.

Yea … he was SO Hansom both women used to whistle at him in the street!

(‘joke’ copywright Eric Morecome circa 1968)

Crayford, Kent for me but I ride to London everyday


before that Mile End

'Ave it

shouldn’t you be HarleyHammers then?

aaaaahhhh…the londonbikers pearly king !

Wash your mouth out please…

Although HarleyHammers is appropriate - both sh*te at corners