So many riders in London

After having a look at the amount of members on this site I have to ask the question about how many are in London? There are 1889 (almost a great year for beer ) members and this looks a little high unless people are members from all over the UK.

Does anyone have a map of where people are from when they join?

I’m from South London

I’m in Worcester Park - it’s a Surrey Post code but still Greater London!

im in enfield greater london

Sorry but the point I was trying to make was is there 1800+ members of this site that post? I have been look for a while and there are a couple of groups of people but I’d not say more than 100.

holds hand up Streatham here …

Would you ever leave your bike like that out in Streatham

yeah like regularly coz im well ard and they wouldnt dare!!!

TBH If i had my way she would be up the stairs and wrapped in a nice duvet beside my bed! now just to convince my other half…:0)

I’m a couple of chains and still don’t like having her outside But if they want it there is little chains will do Yes I do have an alarm but unless you have the keys and forget to turn the F/ing thing off when you sit on her it never goes off


Edited -

Actually how much would I look at to get an alarm fitted? sorry to ask off topic - im just a bit reluctant to ask in a dealers because I always seem to get the “alright luv” act

You can speak to Charley on this forum about alarms and things and also Baby J at Infinity at Great Portland Street too - they are members and will treat you as such - not like some bird (as some dealers do).

However be cautious of speaking openly about the actual secuirty you employ on your bike - not all the people viewing this site are friendly - sounds far fetched I know but strange things happen.

As for the number of forum members in London I suspect a fair amount are london based or at least work / connected with London in some way. Clearly we don’t get 1000’s of people turning up at Cubana but then there’s plenty of people who perhaps just check the forums to see what’s been happening. However equally they’ll be a number (some post on a regular basis) from a long way away. And of course not all of them ride…

daydream, welcome to LB mate. We have members from all over the nation, and the world.

True macp, hadn’t even thought Thank you…

in any case a alarm is on the cards and I will definately contact Charly et baby J, its nice to be treated fairly (especially as im a newish rider I dont always know everything I would like to) I have certainly found everyone to be very friendly here

me too

where abouts ???

Bermondsey/rotherhithe here.

Is that london enough for you?

evening rocker …you not up the Cubanas either???

im near Brands Hatch and thats near enough London for me…LOL

Dunno Dayream - what is the noraml website ratio between members / regular posters???

I’m no expert but in my limited experiece of sites members seem to outnunber posters by about 20 or even 50 to 1…anyone else know the ratios?

…and this site seems pretty normal with about 20 regulars, 60 'occasionals and 20 ‘once in a blue mooners’

This is all just an impression - not scientific at all.

Oh - and I live in Wandsworth

4.5 miles from Hyde Park Corner …

Welcome in anyway!

I have recently gone back to commuting to the City after 2 years away and I have really noticed a significant increase in the number of scooters. Seems to be the same amount of bikes but the scooters are everywhere, all in suits and not using mirrors before lunging out from betwen the cars

South East London here…(Not far from Blackheath Tea Hut) !!!

i will catch you up there one day Tazzy

Never heard of the Blackheath tea hut (wrong side of the smoke fer me yer see )

Where is it exactly? - I might fancy a tootle up there…