so lost...

hey, guys, as I had an accident last Friday, when I delivered my bike to where I bought it (Doble Honda Dealer), they recommended me a company called ‘McAMS accident management services’, they said called them instead of calling my insurance company, because I didnt pay enough for my insurance company to work hard for me :blink:
so I called McAMS, explained everything, and they said they are happy to take my case, same thing they said ‘dont call your insurance company, because they dont need to get involved.’
now there is a contract they asked me to sign right in front of me before they start to work on my case… i dont know if i should sign coz im so confused n so lost…ive heard good things n bad things about these accident management service (some random bills came up even they said ‘no win no fee’), I also heard bad things about how insurance company dont really bother to work hard for their client…

there is a line in the contract which looks quite scary to me.
‘I agree and authorise any solicitors to deal directly with Direct Accident Management Limited and to tell them all about me and my claim. I also agree that the solicitors can take from any agreed sum or award made to me any monies owed to Direct Accident Management Limited. I also understand Direct Accident Management Limited operate on a no win/no fee basis as explained to me and that provided I am honest and behave fairly and reasonably I will receive all compensation agreed or awarded in full.’

so Im really lost n stressed out, dont know wut I should do now…need some suggestions here :crying:

got a repair quote for my bike from Doble, £4800…insurance company gonna write it off for sure now…

No Win/No Fee simply means if they fail to gain any money from the other guys insurance you will not be billed, but it means if they do win, you will be billed.

By signing the agreement you are agreeing to have the money they bill you taken from the award you win…rather then paying them afterwards.

As to whether you should go with this company, I do not know. I would prefer to suggest to them that they get their costs from the other side, and that the amount you are awarded for the accident be left untouched, since it was entirely his fault, he should have to pay everything.

Try asking them that and find out what they say.

I expect that most of the No Win/No Fee contracts are the same though, as it guarantees they get paid.

are you mad?

you pay your insurance for reasons- like theft and accidents, personally i wouldnt let anyone BUT my insurance company sort things, after all i pay to be covered and any problems are sorted by the insurance comapny.

alot of people get great low priced quotes when re-knewing, then the shit hits the fan and the find out why the price was so low- cos the company is crap!

Agreed insurance companies are thieving bar stewards, but these companies sound even worse… I would not trust them but then again I’ve not used them!

I wouldn’t even be surprised if this company has paid Dobles something on the side to be ‘mentioned’ in these cases

What policy do you have?
If you have fully comp, I’d be inclined to go with the insurance company. If you’re TPFT or TP, I don’t think I would bother again, they’re not interested, all they do is give it to a random no win no fee company who offers them the best deal, and if you complain they don’t do their job well, all they say is that you have to take it up with them, not the insurance company. Remember, if you have TPFT, you don’t pay for getting money from a third party. You may have a “Legal Assistance” insurance separately, which you’ll have paid £20 or so for (may be hidden in your main fee), which is, as far as I can see, pretty useless in this sort of situations.

On a completely separate note, I think you are obliged to inform your insurance company of the accident. That’s separate from asking them to process a claim.

Unfortunately, I only have TPFT with Carol Nash…thats wut i heard, the insurance company isnt interested working hard for ur case…

but now my lecturer jus pointed out few things from the contract of McAMS…

they actually pay Doble 500 pounds for recommend them to me!!! and apparently, they only claiming for my injury, not for my bike??? wut the hell…and my injury isnt serious, so maximum i can get is jus couple hundred pounds…

so u guys think I need to call my insurance company and let them deal with it immediately??

Im not signing the contract until Im clear on this…

very sry, i dont really understand wut u mean by I dont pay for getting money from a third party as my 1st language isnt english…may u explain it more detail, plz…:ermm:

the main thing I want now is to get money for repairing my bike…or the market value for my bike as Im pretty sure they gonna write it off now…my injury claim isnt that important as I know i wont get much money from a couple of bruises and muscle twisted…

u think I still should go for my insurance company even Im not fully comp jus TPFT?

Just spoke to Carol Nash you have £100,000 legal cover and their solicitors will deal with the claim.

The only difference between Fully Comp and TPFT is that they will not chase the claim, you have to do it yourself.

I would recommend you ring your insurance company and initiate the claim process with them.

ic…thx for callin for me, Kaos. but how do i chase the claim…who do i chase it from…??

You ring your insurance company and they pass the claim to a solicitors.

The solicitors will contact the third party (the guy that hit you) and his insurance company, depending on the complexity it will take awhile, you will have to periodically ring the solicitors and find out what is happening.

That is what is meant by “chasing” the claim.

lol…i jus spoke to my insurance company…they put me through to a solicitor called ‘Newlaw’…and the lady on the phone ask me to explain wut happen in the accident…and i told her the same thing. But at the end, after all the bunch of things she asked, she asked me ‘were you wearing seatbelt?’ i was like…‘wut? i was on a motorbike. how can i filtering traffic in a car…’ and she said ‘oh…now ur story of accident makes sense.’
omg…that gave me a question mark of their service…
mg…am i on the wrong move to call insurance company…
now waiting for them to send contract to me by email…
‘New Star’ and ‘McAMS’…ah…

lol that sounds funny.

I wouldn’t base too much on the person that answers the phone, they probably working from a script to pass along to a claims person.

Jus thought 1 more question…with carol Nash…if my bike is written off…I’m pretty sure it is gonna be…do I stil get the keep of the broken bike after the end of this case?? Jus Phoned up to Newlaw asked about it…they said it’s depend on the insurer…
With McAms I still get the keep of broken bike though…

If it is written off the insurers will probably sell back to you for scrap price, that is what usually happens.

mg…sell my broken bike back to me!? sigh…

If you’re TPF&T then Carol Nash won’t be involved beyond providing the legal expenses cover to chase up with the 3rd party, if you win it’ll be the 3rd part’s insurers that pay out, not Carol Nash.

But until that happens the bike is yours, just don’t get your hopes up of getting a settlement in the near future, unless the 3rd party put their hands up & admit full responsibility it will take months to sort out.

how much is the bike worth? Getting an RR for first bike and going TPFT wasn’t the smartest thing you could have done matey!!!

I would avoid that separate company like the plague! Go via insurance, and start collecting evidence. Did you have any witness that will testify? if not then it will likely go 50/50. Without witnesses or somebody admitting liability it has to be extremely clear cut (ie someone in the back of you) to get a 1 sided decision. They just go halfs and move on and leave you to pay increased premiums im afraid

I’ve had 3 offs involving insurance and have never had my insurance company deal with it. I called riders support services and they do all the work.

Either call White dalton, rss or your insurance company to deal with it.

I know…I got comp offer from ebike…but their rules doesn’t really suit me…so…
Nobody stopped the car for me…so no witnesses
If it goes 50/50 I guess thats the end of my biking life in uk then…can’t afford to let the premium increased…will the premium increased right away or next year?? Since I paid whole year in full…

I was with Carol Nash a few years ago when I had an accident, and I also had a TPFT policy. Trust me, they don’t give a sh!t about the claim, they just “instruct their solicitors”, which was a random NWNF outfit that barely knew what a motorbike was. As soon as it became clear the person driving the car wasn’t the person owning the car, and was possibly not insured, they lost interest too. and it took in all over 18 months for what could have been a pretty straightforward claim. I had in total 4 (FOUR) “case handlers”, who would send me a letter every 2-3 months and not do anything until I would chase them. They basically did NOTHING, I could have done all of it myself. I complained to Carol Nash a few times, and got the same response every time, that I shouldn’t complain to them. but to the law firm.

What I meant was that, TPFT means the only time the insurance company will pay anything is if your bike is stolen, burns up, or they’ll pay the third party if you are at fault. They are not interested and won’t do anything with a claim in your favour from a 3rd party, that’s yours (or your solicitor’s) to sort out.

I would recommend you don’t bother with Carol Nash (actually don’t bother getting insurance with them, they’re useless), and speak to a bike lawyer with a good reputation first (I hear that White Dalton have a good reputation, but haven’t used them).