So it begins!

'king nonsense so it is.


To be honest I welcome it. Not because of all the environmental, noise and pollution arguments, which are valid, but because around my way the roads constantly switch between 20 and 30.

The roads immediately around me I know but once I venture anywhere slightly new to me it is a struggle to keep up with the differing zones. If you ride at 20 - 25 in a 30 zone, you will be buzzed by angry taxi drivers at 35 - 40, which is scary.

If we’re going to have them, lets have them in all urban areas, and let’s have them properly enforced so we can just stick to ~23 and not be bothered by dangerous speeders buzzing us.

No problem with 20mph in residential streets, outside schools etc but NOT on arterial roads, trunk routes and (as a general rule ) on bus routes.

Of course once councils/TFL mark a road as 20mph it will never be upgraded back to 30mph - just like yellow lines they are there for eternity never mind how circumstances change.

I was a Blood Runner trundling through London’s deserted streets between 1am and 6am , bobbling along at a legal 20mph with only the odd plastic bag blowing in front of me - when it was pissing down even the occasional drunk never sauntered out yet I had to stick to the rules in case I was surprised by a 20mph speed camera… Grrrr

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I couldnt care less
having a 20mph limit & enfocring are two different things


My daughter’s school is on this trunk road, she and a 1,000 of her fellow pupils, cross this arterial route every day. You can see from my screenshot there is no signal-controlled crossing on for example York Gate, most of the other side roads are equally without signal control. Drivers would take that corner at fast arterial road speeds and scatter the school children crossing. It is right that this arterial road is now 20 mph.

You have a point - not arterial routes in busy pedestrian heavy Central London - obviously.

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