so i was yapping on the mobile whilst filling up

cue ghostly voice across the tannoy telling me to stop using my phone, then 2 members of staff came out to reprimand me and then the ****ing pump maintenance contractor guy told me he had the authority to confiscate my phone, get me arrested AND close the whole service station down - oh noes!

have these guys never seen mythbusters?

i use to manage a petrol station and the company i worked for issued us mobile phones to use!!

its a complete pile of poo that phones cause explosions in petrol stations.

i now work for the nhs and get equally p’d off when people moan at me for using my phone in the hospital - it dont cause all the machines to go doolally!!!


He does have that right, their are signs telling you not to - same as the hospitals - its not confirmed that they do interfear - but they could!!

Do you switch off your mobile when on a plane???

You probably do coz if your mobile interfeared and the plane started to crash - it would be your life that is in danger not somebody elses - so just do them a favour and don’t use them when they ask you not to!!!

Sorry to rant - but if you ask something of someone within reason - you’d probably want/expect them to do it - so why is it a problem for you??

actually… whilst there’s no evidence that phones can cause an explosion / interfere with airplanes there is evidence that they mess with hospital monitoring equipment - when I was a nurse we used to quite regularly get alarms on heart monitoring kit - we’d run with the crash trolley only to find a patient using their mobile phone…


I agree …

Just like with driving when using a mobile, filling up while using one is daft - you can’t be concentrating fully on that rather dangerous fluid - but there’s no reason why passengers shouldn’t.

i dont think the newer phones are a problem, i have been advised by many staff that the main reason is because of the contracts with patientline etc that provide bedside phones.

that said, i have seen a video where 2 mobile phones that are connected on a call and placed approx 12 inches apart cook an egg thats placed in between them. i keep meaning to try it myself to see if it really works

Woo hoo, its finally happened. I can officially speak from a position of knowledge rather than just making stuff up as I go along.

I can officially, hand on my heart clear some of this up…ok not all, but some bits. When working for German telly, we filmed a series of tests looking specifically at these issues.

  1. Phones on planes DO, I repeat DO significantly affect the navigation equipment. BUT only when placed within close proximity of the machinery. The furthest away a phone could be and still register an effect was about 5 meters away. Don’t be fooled though, just cos you’re NOT in the ****pit doesn’t mean you’re safe. There’s navigation equipment dotted throughout the plane and where it’s located depends on the aeroplane.

  2. Mobile Phones DO, repeat DO affect hospital equipment adversely. Again, a series of tests showed that the signal interferes with seveeral devices ranging from heart and blood pressure monitors to some of the more sensitive kit that I can’t remember the names for…sorry

  3. Mobile phones will NOT cause a spark to start an explosion in a petrol station unless you drop a metal coated one onto the a pool of petrol and it creates a spark…well ok, this one was a little toughter to prove, but what we did do was place an active phone into an enclosed space which we then agitated and called, whilst filling the sealed unit with petrol vapours…it was actually running down the interior before we could trigger any sort of fire. So simply put, stood in the fresh air, your phone IS NOT going to trigger an explosion due to petrol vapours cos you’d never get the concentration high enough. HOWEVER, Jim’s point about concentration (much like driving is valid) which is part of the reasoning behind the “don’t use your mobile phone” signs.

The biggest problem is that everyone truly believes that they won’t be the idiot to cause an accident, and yet if you think about it, I bet no one who ever caused an accident thought it was going to happen to them.

Wow, that made sense, I feel slightly ill, I need to lie down.

well thats told us all!!

sure is!!

and im prepared to admit when im wrong

just not too loudly, or when anyone is about!!

i heard that the only reason they made up the crap about phones causing explosions at petrol stations was because sometimes they can cause interference with the thing that counts up the price & transmits it to the tills where u pay…

but that’s done with wires…

We filmed that experiment on Brainiac… ha, didn’t work!

Isn’t the danger in petrol stations due to an errant electrical spark causing an explosion ? If so I guess that theoretically there could be a risk with something like a dodgy contact eg. with the battery in a mobile causing one, but compared to all the ignition switching off/on that goes on as cars stop & start it’d be a completely insignificant factor ?

I worked in a laundry years ago & someone thought they could smell gas near the meter so called one of the maintainance guys, who turned up with his usual lit ciggie in hand. When someone pointed out that this may not be too good an idea he replied “It’s OK love, it’s perfectly safe so long as I don’t puff on it…” ! I think he went on to explain further, but can’t be sure as by that stage I was halfway down the street & accelerating !

Yeah but that’s the point, sure a spark could start a bang, but you’d need a heavy concentration of vapour in the air to achieve that and to get that concentration, you’d need an enclosed space…all petrol stations I’ve ever been to are in the open air with a hurricane blowing through them… so you’re pretty safe…

Many a time I have stopped at the pump and had to be careful where I put the bike due to petrol and the like all over the floor making it worse than ice - Could this be from bozo’s not concentrating because they’re chatting on their phones?

There rant over!

Excellent! We should learn how to make use of the interception possibilities there!!

actually mate, that could just as easily be down to bikers. if you fill the bike up whilst sat on it to the brim, then stick the bike on its stand to go pay, you can force the excess fuel through the breather hoses

would be good if the petrol stations took better care to lob down cement powder/sand where it has built up. I’d have thought they’d be liable for legal action if you did bin it

Yeah thats a really good point!

So many facts that it may make you want to sit at home (but not in Kent if the earthquake moved things around), not walk up the stair (hundreds of people go to hospital each year from falling down them), not boil the kettle (hundreds of people each year go to hospital each year becasue of this), not eat food (hundreds of people go to hospital each year because of this), etc

Just a couple of questions. 1: How many stations have gone boom from mobile phones?, 2 How many flights have had a close call that was directly link to a mobile phone? and 3: How many people have been effected from a mobile phone being used in a hospital (and I ant talking about some twit giving it large and pi$$ing you off while on the phone).

I can’t stand the lengths that people go to with a “maybe”. Well, maybe you will die when walking down the stairs tonight. You going not go to bed? There is more of a chance on that happening than a petrol station going boom