So I bought a . . .


Chopped in the XSR 900, which I should mention is a mighty fine motorcycle, and bought a Tmax …

My need and use for a bike has changed somewhat over the last few years and I’m now pretty much using the bike exclusively for commuting. The criteria that appealed was being automatic, belt drive, built in storage but with some poke. I was very tempted by a DCT Africa Twin but I’ve wanted to try a Tmax for a while.

Soon to be run in but first impressions are comfortable, but in a weird non-motorcycle way, effortless to use and relatively frugal. If I was being really sensible I should have got one of the 300cc scooters (Xmax, SH/Forza 300) but the Tmax tickled my fancy. Getting about 63 mpg, and it’s got a bit of poke although I’m still limited rev wise due to the run in. Sure it lacks a bit of the insanity of motorcycle acceleration and feels a little large initially, but as with any bike/scooter you soon get used to it.

Only downsides so far are scraping the damn centre stand going round corners which is a little disconcerting.

I’ve already been berated by friends and colleagues for wimping out, the plan (if I can convince the boss) will be to get something ‘exciting’ as a second bike. Hopefully I’m still welcome here?!


Have you got a Roof lid and skull facemask to go with it? :smiley:


Is that why people keep double taking me at traffic lights?!



You need to go take a look in the mirror. Then when you see what we all see, you need to recognise what you’ve become.

If you can’t then see the error of your ways, I’d politely suggest you look up Dignitas and end it all asap.


Were you going through the Blackwall Tunnel this morning around 7:15?


Have you started a sideline in used phones?


Unfortunately I do the Blackwall Tunnel daily but would have been about 0815 today. White Arai, dirty Kriega.


Indeed … I can see why they are popular with aspiring footballers.


Ah yeah, sorry I meant 0815. I think you were next to me and I was eyeing up the wheels. Looks nice, but wide at the front. You still managed to give it some beans through the tunnel. :wink:


Ah hello! I’ll wave next time :wave:


After commuting on an Xmas for 3 years you can’t fault them for that. Made commuting easy with ample storage space for the odd shopping trip on the way home and avg 80mpg and still capable on motorways (used to commute down the M11 on mine)

Id learn to service it yourself, easy enough as the oil changes are pretty regular and the belt changes are extortionate at dealer prices for labour due to the time they take

As for the banter got ribbed constantly at work about it!


Not a bit of it. My stable contains a Ducati, a Piaggio twist-and-go and several bicycles. Yesterday I was on the Piaggio and today I’m braving the rain on my ancient mountain bike.

There’s room for all solutions and a scooter is a useful bit of kit.

I quite fancy a Tmax but would be scared leaving it anywhere on London’s streets.


Don’t listen to the haters @fatkat! I think TMaxes are cool. Enjoy. Let us know how it goes.