So I bought a Dullsville!

Half the reason I bought it was because Cheeky has the ZZR1400 and wants to use it to its full capabilities, and I don’t mean doing 186 mph, just doing longer “touring” ride outs.

I just couldn’t really do that the on the gixxer.

Still going to do shorter brighton rides, and the BCR on the gixxer, cause I still like the adrenaline and push that those rides give you on a sports bike. Just now when Cheeky says…want to ride to Wiltshire or Manchester to see a friend, I can hop on the Dullsville and arrive with all my luggage and in comfort on a bike that does 55-60mpg rather than 136 miles to a 17ltr tank.

2.75 sounds optimistic, 2.6 might be more realistic! :wink:

If she doesn`t come home perfect, the search will be on for BB3. :unsure:

Is it fast enough to actually do 300 miles in a day? :Whistling:

The only real downside to the bike, and the thing that really made me think about whether I should get it, was the engine size, if it was a 900 I would have bought it without a second thought.

I talked to a couple of people they say it can do 90 comfortable forever and a day. And since that is 20mph more than the speed limit and I never break the speed limit, I should be fine :Whistling:

When I feel the need for speed the gixxer will come out and play, on the track of course :smiley:

Fair point. :pinch:

What do you ride?

“a Honda V-twin”

and to be fair, if I was going to start commuting on a bike again, it’d be either an ER5 again or a Honda NTV (naked daueville)

More choices here though, and as I said earlier would like to do some serious touring with Cheekychick,

The one I bought comes with both the large and the slim panniers, so should be ok to commute and good for weekends away :smiley:

How true,I knew this was going to be down to me again, sir Stands-about-alot :smiley:

you been smoking!? ferking ell son…pissst wanna hi viz?

Want to do other things on bikes as well Ratty. Still going to leave you eating my dust on the BCR don’t worry lol

Did you use the money from your precious law student grant that you need to live off to buy this? :stuck_out_tongue:

Saw it this weekend …

Was good to see you guys out and about, if only briefly. Next time we’ll have less hanging around tea huts, filling stations and public toilets :w00t:

A very clean and tidy bike, not as dull as portrayed and with just 32k on the clock it’s got plenty of life in it yet, enjoy the summer when it gets here.

Yeah Somewhat Conrad, it was this or buy a season ticket for the train. I felt the little extra this cost would give me the travel to study plus the advantage of weekend biking. Given that I will be studying in Camden and bike parking is still free it works out as only slightly more expensive, but at the end of it, I will still have a bike for work, whereas the season ticket would just end.

Thanks Art, was nice to catch up with a few people, been awhile since I have been out and about.

I was really quite happy with the handling on the bike out in the lanes. It was very smooth, very nimble and the brakes are exceptionally good. Thanks for pointing out they were brembo I hadn’t even noticed lol.

The riding position gives a much better view of the road ahead and allows for better planning in corners etc, so I think despite it having a much slower engine I was taking corners at roughly the same speed as on the gixxer, just wasn’t accelerating or braking as hard as I would on the gixxer in between the corners.

Haha I’m only grilling you Kaos… I know that nobody would buy a Deauville unless it was out of pure necessity :smiley: :hehe: