So I bought a Dullsville!

Couldn’t help myself!!

Lovely little bike, loads of extras and a good cheap price.

Looking forward to doing some distance riding on it, been struggling on riding longer distances on the gixer.

Of course I am keeping the gixer for Sunday blasts and trackdays, but the Dullsville will be my new everyday bike for commuting and taking on the longer journeys, might even undertake a Jetstream ride or two now I am on a more comfortable distance bike.

Will get some pictures up once I pick it up, getting new fork seals done at the moment so will probably pick it up tomorrow or Friday.


Sooner or later we all discover that the dullsville is the only bike we ever really needed and should have got in the first place . . . :slight_smile:

oh, what happened to the XL883 you were looking at?

competent bikes those. But you should have got a nice shonky CB250. That is what real bikers ride. :D;)

why are people being polite ? :smiley:

I couldn’t buy it Martin.

For one reason only, when people asked me…what bike do you ride? I would have had to say… a Harley Davidson!..couldn’t live with that!

Besides it was like £6k, the Dullsville was £1800. So a bargain really.

…err so now when someone asks you what bike you ride you say ‘a Honda’ and they say ‘how exciting’ do they…eh, eh?

Could be a CBR1000RR could it not.

When you say Harley, it is one thing and one thing only, a massively large engine in an incredibly slow bike.

Of course further into the conversation I have to admit it is a dullsville but it doesn’t immediately scream bloke in leather chaps.

with the air cooled ones i agree, like riding a tractor. you should try a v-rod :slight_smile:

Every time I think about passing my manual test the vision of the inevitable Dullsville looms in front of me!

Very sensible … Nearly as sensible as me … Now we need to have a race, see whos 50 ish hp is fastest :smiley:

You must be getting old if you cant manage a Jetstream rideout on a GXSR!
Or maybe you need your suspension doing again :wink: (sorry, couldnt resist)

So what is a Dullsville…presumably not a sports bike, maybe something naked so you can build up your neck muscles as you chase Chris??

That is almost a picture of my bike Num Num! Cept mine is a nice deep dark rich purple!

300 miles on a Gixxer is not my idea of fun. Did it once and when I got home my knee joints hurt so much that when I got in bed and laid down I nearly orgasmed…:smiley:

Looking forward to doing 300 miles in a day without the agony :smiley:

Nice bike mate, what`s the service interval?

Some old bloke at first bike on scene told us it was 4000 miles.

Not entirely sure but I thought that was more the NTV700, 2003 and onwards or something. I think the older models have a more manageable 8k service interval. Could be wrong, but since it is a 1998/9 bike and the warranty has long since run out, I can do the basic servicing myself…got a proper bike lift/ramp and a fully loaded garage. No reason I can’t change the oil and filter etc etc on my own.

When I say, I, I obviously mean Cheekychick, since she is far more mechanically minded than I am, I will stand over her with a cup of tea nodding approvingly.

If I couldn’t use a company bike for DR’ing I would go out and buy one in a shot, there are a good few of them being used by my fellow Dispatchers and they are nippy in town, I had a sit on one the other day and it would be far more comfortable than a CBf600 for distance work.


Good call.:smiley:

You and Cheekychick are more than welcome on a Jetstream ride when BB2.75 returns from her second visit to the dark valleys of South Wales. :ermm: