So how is the new bike Hen?

Report back mate how is the new R6 to ride!

Oh ,yes! How’s it??

Well Terry,

It has an amazing amount of power through the revs, lets face it… theres 20,000 of them! Really smooth to ride and noticable suspension setup changes which makes it a better ride for comfortability and self-confidence. So far I’ve loved every aspect of riding the new R6 and in which I can say to Yamaha that they’ve done a very good job for the 2006 model! It’s an eye catching bike and since I’ve had it I’ve got people coming up to me asking loads of questions. It’s unique, different, stylish and which has the power to match.

And I can say that the new Dunlop Sportmax are reasonably ok too, I’ve never liked Dunlop, but it’s quite a grippy tyre, and since its been rather wet I wonder what they’re like in the dry… Obviously haven’t had much time to break them in yet but I will let you guys know whether they hold up or not!

I would definately recommend this bike to anyone who is thinking about getting one. Ok, they’re £7499 OTR but you’ll smile after you hand over the cash, honest!!


Yeah, those new R6s look absolutely stunning … especially in black! Nice one Hennessy!!

Yep! Cheers mate…


Good on you mate. Stick a pic of it in the members gallery.

All sounds good mate. We are gonna get you out to heathrow after soho this summer!

where do you guys go around heathrow?

as its local to me and could met up for a burn up?

Just a pity you’ll miss Rottie throwing his bike at us… Hen - you fancy stepping up for that duty

That bike was damn nice mate even though the back end was stripped when I saw it lol.

Look forward to seeing it moving

All round the perimeter a few times mate classic corners then off to stockley at about 3am after More than welcome roll on summer!

yes sounds ok i work at the airport so would be good to meet up with some other lb’rs

actually rode to work for the first time in weeks today and my bike is now filthy

so roll on the sun!!

Erm… Yea sure Andrew, why not mate?

It’s a sweet bike to ride and I love it!