So here the Ninja

Yep after flogging the 749s , then played around on the XT660x and realised i cant live without a sports bike. soooo here is what i collected today

See you weds ;o)

Nice Bike! Look forward to seeing it weds

Good choice mate, they’re cracking bikes. Handle really well!

what a bike. i love that bike think it is a blinder

enjoy fella

nice bike mate, nearly as good as the fazer

ha ha thanks peps … it seems like a mental bike so far so looking forward to hitting the twisties

wheelies well too lol

Nice bike mate, will looks better in blue

Great choice - welcome to the world of the Ninja!!

good choice of bike and welcome to the green ninja brigade

B1H eh?

nice one, got a blue one myself, you will love it!


Yeah nice one stewpot, see you on weds, Give me a ring before so I can meet you!!!