so do you go on a ride out at the market or just talk bike

im new just want to get out on the bike where you go :w00t:

Stand around, chat, eat, drink, give abuse, some people stare at Ali’s boobs (another form of abuse) talk about bikes, work, life, the misses, the bit on the side, not really any rides, look at more bikes, talk to more people, eat and drink some more and repeat. :smiley:

and if you’re really lucky …

There may be a cake off, with all manner of tasties to make up for the lack of twisties :slight_smile:

Ride outs are mainly Sunday mornings, just for kicks check out the ‘Ride Outs, Meets and Events’ section LINKY HERE. We ride out most Sunday morning from The Ace, sometimes calling in at Box Hill or High Beech depending on the route.