So close to crashing it was funny

I’ve had my fair share of stupid things happen and today I realised I’ve relaxed alot more on the bike with London goings on.

Coming across clapham common there’s a nice left right left by the church and it’s prone to retard pedestrians crossing but not looking who’s coming. So having that in mind I’ve looked across the corner as I was approaching it and guess what a flip flop yuppy was ready and waiting.

I’m now easing on the brakes but numbnuts thinks great I’ll just walk out without out even looking. Next thing I know he’s doing the run, stop, go backwards and stop all the the same time giving me a nice show of an irish jig.

What I didn’t expect was him to get to the pavement then run back out and stop dead! I thought oh no I’ve just repainted the bike please no. He managed to get unstuck and leg it then fall on the floor into the mud.

All of that happened so quickly I was quiet impressed with his quick footwork :slight_smile:

That’s one of the funniest things I’ve read in a long time!! Thanks for brightening up my day!!! :smiley:

This is exactly the reason why helmet cams were invented. I would have liked to have seen this :smiley:

+1 :smiley:

into the mud, bwahaha, where he belongs for his stupidity :w00t:

+1 on that would love to have seen it :slight_smile:

I’m gonna save up to get one now as it was priceless seeing the life drain from him soul as he thought this was it.

I’m so glad Ive got 6 pot calipers as standard sv brakes wouldn’t have stopped me.

Defo get the helmet cam, it’s funny to watch them back - I had a similar one recently which you might have already seen but here it is anyway: :smiley:


‘‘Git ooff tha fakin raoood…’’…:laugh:


plus…for more entertainment ive just placed my curser on 0:25 and repeated it over and over again…:laugh:…ohhh ive just peed myself!!!

‘fakin road…fakin road…fak…fak…fakin road…fakin road…’’:laugh:


Glad I’ve provided some amusement for you there smiled lol :smiley: See - helmet cameras is a win-win!

should’ve hit that guy’s coffee out of his hands :w00t:

Oh thats cheered me up. I like the couple who took up dancing in the middle of the road and the general friendly advice given to the other assorted lemmings.:laugh::laugh::laugh:

I love the panic dance. Cracks me up. A while ago I had some teenage scrote do it and then get all aggressive towards me once he realised he wasn’t going to have to visit hospital to have an Africa Twin surgically removed. I’m not sure which made me laugh harder, The dance or the failed attempt to save face afterwards.

lmao!!! That made me laugh, nearly spat my lunch all over my keyboard! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

I had a dancer at London Bridge this morning, as per usual popped out in between 2 buses!

Loved the vid :smiley:


PMSL, classic :smiley:

lol that bikes jinxed dude!!

glad you never splatted them, i came round the corner at angel a couple of years ago and a woman ran out in front of me as i rounded the corner, i clipped her leg…luckly scrubbed most of the speed off.

i hate bloody dumb pedestrians!!

ohhh not half as much as it amused me fella:w00t:


Lol, that is hilarious! :smiley: