just to cheer u all up its snowing in stevenage .bluddy cold 2

I can believe it too… it’s been ice cold at Brands today and unfortunately a few got claimed by the cold track too.

Snow, that’s all I need right now, what a crap day this has been.

thanks steve, got a days holiday booked for tomorrow, was gonna go out for a ride.

Weve just got in and its sleeting in North London.

I love snow! Just imagine - 50 cm and we’re paralyzed :smiley: Whole week off!

snow is better than rain!.

for making snowmen agree and for having fun…not a lot of fun in rain…

snow here in bedfordshire, damn hope it melts by morning got hospital appt and only got bike at moment !! :w00t:

Just got back from taking my Daughter back to Hatfield.

When I saw the signs on the A1 saying Snow slow down, I thought ye right, someone fooling around with the signs again.

right snow chain back wheel

strap scate board upside down to front

down to stevenage try out the nos:w00t:

thats not snow its dandruff from all the LB members scratching their heads oh no it raining how am i going to the ace and talk BLLCKS about rex judds.
what can we do,cant go out on the bikes.:smiley:

Ironic that I’ve got the week off and it started to snow. Still it’s just cold and damp today so shouldn’t be a problem.

Me to i LOVE it. Running around getting cold and then rolling up in my duvet. I love it to. Jonny-Nitro says if it snows a tiny bit he isnt coming into work lol me too then i think. :stuck_out_tongue:

I HATE snow :angry:

Saw a headline on Yahoo today saying 8 people killed in M42 blizzard :blink:

Taken to hospital, just bruised after colliding with each other. Some people seem to need to crash before they realise the conditions are bad :crazy: It’s like the fog on the A1, every year it gets foggy and you can’t see, but every year people carry on doing 90mph until there’s a collision and then everybody slows down . . .

i will be most upset if we get any serious snow!..i sympathise with j.nitro…hate the snow!!:smiley:

selfish people never learn…:slight_smile: