Snowdonia or Lake District?

Sooo I’ve got a few days off at some point next week and am gonna head out to one of the above, question is which area has the best roads / scenery? Anyone been to both?

Lake District (obviously):smiley:

Snowdonia!! Lakes are a close second :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Lakes are good but it can get busy .

Snowdonia…been to both :smiley:

Snowdonia but there is a lot more to North Wales than the national park area. :slight_smile:

North Wales for sure :smiley:

looks like Snowdonia gets the vote then :cool: did spend a day up there before, hopefully get to spend a few more this time

Check the forecast and see which is least rainy on the day.

It doesn’t matter what the weather it’s a beautiful place with plenty to do and see.

It changes so much with the seasons, some rides and roads I hardly recognise at times.

Just keep your eye on the weather forecast and when it suits, get in there :smooooth:

Dear Sir or Madam,
As a council tax payer in south Cumbria, I feel I must applaud LB in it`s recent campaign to rid the Lake District of visiting motorcyclists who are on the whole class one nobbers.
Your efforts to redirect them to Snowdonia are greatly appreciated and a relief to all my neighbours.
Our local roads are better suited to camper vans, caravans and horseboxes which contribute in part to our slower pace of life.

Yours with thanks,
Colonel Binky Watson (IAM retired)

Hope the wedding planning business is going well, now that you are retired.

An imposter! By gad sir, I’ll get my people on to that:w00t:

I went camping in snowdonia and rode from the most northern part of the national park south through the centre. It was absolutely fantastic. I stopped at the slate caverns to go on the zip wire titan. it was a day trip through, lots of stops for coffee and stuff. the slate caverns are a big tourist attraction, there was also downhill mountain biking and something about massive trampolines in underground caverns the size of st pauls.
I will definitely do it again, but this time try zipwire Velocity which was my original plan but it was cancelled on the day so I did the above:

UPDATE… **** i really got to start looking at the posting dates on these threads

It helps :wink:

Rewdred this may interest you. :D. Adrenaline Junkies Wales Weekend