Any one got snow falling yet?

I spoke to my wife about 10 minutes ago at our house in Borehamwood and there is no snow there at the moment.

None here yet but fingers crossed we get some tonight. After all the forecast is for slightly more than a modest amount.:smiley:

nothing in Hemel Hempstead as of yet

Sky News are reporting a severe weather warning for Bracknell and surrounding areas of Berkshire:w00t:

Barnet North London has no snow yet, but they say it will fall heavyly over night.

I am more than happy that I bought travel card for this week

Met Office warns of 40cm of snow within hours in South East

Then again I might stay home altogether :smiley:

Nothing in Islington yet.

Had several flurries throughout the day here in Watford, but nothing major. The major stuff is due to hit tonight.

All clear still. BBC website shows snow between 18.00 - 21.00 tonight with the heavy snow at midnight. Train and bus tomorrow.

no snow in Enfield yet…

None in essex yet but its defo warmed up so i reckon we will get some:doze:

bring on the snow day please!!!

don’t look like BM will be very well attended tomorrow then!

I’d be happier if not coz i gotta ride in it all day tomorrow:w00t:

We’re expecting a heavy fall in Tonbridge tonight - snowball fights tomorrow if it does :smiley:

light snow forecast for chingford at midnight i want the real stuff

had some coming through hornchurch essex easd off for now

Bring it on :):):slight_smile:

Went for a walk in the snow bound Richmond Park last year - absolutely amazing!

had a 5 minute dusting in edmonton around 1630